ZEHV gets ready to take over all the dancefloors and mixing decks available, as he continues to showcase his style with every release and live performance. Lately, his EP ‘Ōkami’, delivered via Mood of Mind, was received with much praise,

With a reputation proceeding him for the production of top-quality produced music, Jickow has really stepped up his game with ‘The Nemesis Of Love’. With plenty more exciting releases on the way, Jickow is rising as one of the most talented producers in the ever-growing pool of rising artists

DJ Ralph is, without a doubt, one of the most reliable and consistent Producers in the game and his latest release  ‘Crusher Punch’ is another to add to his discography of outstanding releases on the Techno industry’s fastest-growing label, Lakota Music.  He

Krista has built a genuine reputation for herself since the beginning of her career a few years back, which is fuelled by her love for music since the early days of her childhood, combined with a plethora of vinyl that she holds dear to

Having solidified his place for one of the ultimate voices for EDM tracks, Lenell’s discography has been ever-increasing with tracks of pure quality. He has been responsible for extraordinary releases such as ‘One Day’, ‘Freak Dreams’ and ‘I Need Lovin’.

Yassine Mokdad, otherwise known as Naizon is an Italian DJ and Producer who has been working his way up the ranks to worldwide recognition. 2020 saw the Italian DJ and Producer release some sensational tunes including ‘My House’, ‘Midnight’ and

Ken Bauer is an artist with unmistakable talent and instantly recognisable sound. Having spent 2020 transitioning to Future House, his repertoire has been outstanding with releases such as ‘Lone’, ‘Until You Speak’, and ‘Pill Of Love’ which have all reached

With his first release debuting in 2019, Mike Bello has gone on to release an official remix for Olivia Addams’ hit ‘Sick Lullaby’ and collaborated with Japanese powerhouse Takahiro Yoshihira on ‘Hedgehog’ back in May 2020. His uniqueness and varied

2020 Roundup with RMA

RMA has been behind the decks and making tunes from the age of 16. After moulding, adapting and progressing his sound over the years, RMA turned his attention to EDM where he went on to release on some of the

Toma Hawk has truly outdone himself this year as 2020 saw the launch of his brand-new moniker Mon.Ton along with building up the roster of his label Lakota Music with artists such as Lorely Mur, The Enveloper and DJ Ralph