DJ Ralph Gives us an Insider About His Latest Release ‘Crusher Punch’
23rd April 2021

DJ Ralph Gives us an Insider About His Latest Release ‘Crusher Punch’

DJ Ralph is, without a doubt, one of the most reliable and consistent Producers in the game and his latest release  ‘Crusher Punch’ is another to add to his discography of outstanding releases on the Techno industry’s fastest-growing label, Lakota Music.  He proves to be in good hands with Lakota Music ever since he garnered huge amounts of success that has built his reputation as the French powerhouse he is known as today. From promoting electronic music in the early days of his career via his agency ‘Tekmics’ to having his sounds played by some of the most renowned DJs in the world like  Groove Armada, Carl Cox, and Robbie Rivera, DJ Ralph has emerged as one of the most reliable and consistent Producers in his format and his legendary status is a product of his incredible talent and devotion. We caught up with DJ Ralph to find out some behind-the-scenes information about ‘Crusher Punch’.

Tell us a brief story behind the makeup of ‘Crusher Punch’?

In this period of confinement, there is not really a specific idea I was looking to do something dynamic but still melodic and as with most of my tracks, my interest is primarily the energy on the dance floor.

How long did it take you to make this track?

In general, I produce my tracks quickly then I work with friends sound engineer to work the quality and then after making returns with other friends producers like Thomas Hawk who has our advice and little by little the piece develops in roughly it took a good month

Where did you get the inspiration for ‘Crusher Punch’

In France when I was young there was a Japanese cartoon called Goldorak and when he launched it was for me a big robot he shouted ‘Crunch punch’. After the energetic melodic side comes especially from the fact of the current situation and the Covid which gives the desire to put big punches in the wall.

Is there a meaning behind the title of this track?

In France we say Fulguro poing, it’s a very big punch that breaks everything in its path but it’s a point that comes off the robot, it’s very graphic anyway

What’s your creative process when you’re in the studio making new music?

In general, my creative process comes to me afterwards but it’s from DJing because it often inspires me a certain emotion very much focused on the energy of the dance floor but once I’m in the studio I try to remember these festive moments and that’s what I try to instill in my tracks for the creation I often look for melodies and basses and then I often build my rhythmic part and I finish with the fx and atmosphere part

Who influenced you and your music growing up?

I’ve just turned 50 and I have 35 years of DJ career behind me so my influences are very vague and very wide, it comes from there soul, funk, pump, rock, it’s very vague, it’s very wide, after my family life, my travels to the four corners of the world when I’m on tour, it inspires me a lot too

Did you teach yourself the art of production or did you have a mentor?

I have released more than 120 tracks my first single came out in 1995 and at that time there was no tutorial or two teachers or two YouTube courses etc. I am entirely self-taught the years of production work were done by myself after my meetings with artists like Avicii but also friends like Joachim Garraud have allowed me to work in a different way but anyway I am above all oriented towards a production that goes through the feeling before anything else than by technology  I’m not ashamed to say that I want a lot of help for the mixing and arranging part and mastering is a job in its own right and I leave that to the professionals

What is your favourite DAW?

I’ve been working on logic for 15 years but before that, I went through Cubase and I experimented a little bit with protocols

Is there anyone you would love to work with in the future?

I’ve already had the chance to collaborate with a lot of stars like in Vichy but I’ve also produced artists like The Hacker and Miss Kittin I’ve done collaborations with Laurent Wolf David Vendetta yeah I have dreams of course my idol is Laurent Garnier. On the techno side, I would like to work with Richie Hawtin. Dave Clark. Amelie lens. There are so many of them.

 Where can we go and grab a copy of ‘Crusher Punch’?

The label Lakota Music, it’s an exceptional label considering the work regarding the promotion of the press and especially the international distribution, so you can count on them to find my title everywhere on all the platforms of the world.

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