Tech House

Wilza unveils a fresh take on Samuelle’s ‘So You Like What You See,’ dropping his Tech House remix, ‘What You See’ via SwingBeat Records. Coming as the debut release for his new Jack House project, a project in which he

The Italian duo Close To Us delivers layers of groovy sound with their newest single, ‘Loco Por Ti’; a unique blend of Tech House and Bachata, the track brings dancefloor vibes from the very first hit, placing the infectious style

Meetch brings another vibrant production with his newest Tech House release, ‘Prophecy’ featuring Rapper Bizzair. Having worked together for Meetch’s 2023 track, ‘I Became a DJ’, the duo come together once again to offer listeners a dynamic sonic experience, presenting

Lorna James returns with her newest production, ‘Ce Soir’. A driving Tech House track, this latest release from Lorna James shows her to be keeping her creative momentum high, striking out with another unique production following the release of her debut album

Hotboxx unleashes his signature sound once more with his new Tech House release, ‘CHA CHA’. Set for release via Groove Foundation Recordings, this brand-new single from the talented Producer and DJ brings the energy with its groovy beats, intoxicating rhythms, and catchy

Meetch is back with another energetic Tech House production titled ‘Move Ya Body’; coming via No Definition, this brand-new single shows Meetch to be keeping his motivation high as he drops yet another track following the release of his production,

Alden Song unleashes his signature sound with his latest Tech House release, ‘The Feeling’s Right’. Fast establishing himself within the realm of House music as an innovative addition, one who continues to push sonic boundaries with high-energy releases and live

Jacob Colon unleashes the energy with his new Tech House track, ‘Gotta Prove’, released through his label Made To Move Records. With this latest release, Jacob Colon showcases his signature sound that continues to draw listeners in; a style that

Meetch unveils his newest Tech House track, ‘Upside Down’, inviting listeners on an enthralling sonic journey with a release that places his unique sound at its centre. Known as a talented DJ on the live circuit, Meetch is continuing to

The talented Producer and DJ Cody Chase returns with yet another unmissable release titled, ‘Cut Em Fat (Hustlin’ Rechase), adding his own Tech House flavour to Rick Ross’ hit track ‘Hustlin’’. As he offers listeners a fresh take on the