Future House

Martay releases a remix of her track ‘Long Way Home’ done by music Producer Kustom. The talented singer-songwriter presents a Future Bass take on her original track featuring her signature soulful vocals. The Californian singer-songwriter, known for her characteristic sound

Joe Hawes is back once again with his monthly show that is bursting with the very best Future House bangers that are guaranteed to lift your spirits and have you raving around your house! Joe has built himself quite the

Joe Hawes is back with another jam-packed episode of his Coffee House Radio. At the end of every month, Joe pulls together some of his favourite releases from the Future House scene and carefully curates them into an incredible show.

Swedish dance phenomenon Ken Bauer has returned to release a brand-new tune called ‘Lone’. Kicking things off with a beat that is a culmination of both Slap and Future House. Choppy elements are brought in to ease you into the

Everyone’s favourite Future House DJ and Producer Joe Hawes is back with another edition of his month Coffee House Radio where he sets out to bring you the very best tracks the scene has to offer and mixes them to

Joe Hawes is back for another episode of his much-loved radio show ‘Coffee House Radio’ and it is bigger than ever! Bringing you the very best dance-tunes the scene has to offer, you can sink your teeth into the brilliantly

Whenever Joe puts together a mix, it never disappoints as he uses his ranges of skills and talents as a DJ to create something that’s fresh. With a passion that runs deep for electronic music and Future House, in particular,

Joe Hawes is back once again with an incredible single that is guaranteed to lift anyone’s spirits, ‘I’m Alright’ is a fresh new Future House tune that feels bright and innovative. The track starts subtly with chords that swirl in

Its that time again where we are treated to an exceptional episode of Joe Hawes’s Coffee House Radio show where he rounds up his best and favourite releases of the month and meticulously mixes them into one stunning radio show.

Ken Bauer’s ‘Making’ starts off light and airy with those classic Progressive feels over a steady beat drawing you in bar by bar. Silky vocals are brought in, harmonising with the beat and taking the track to a whole new