Salvione Introduces Elevate Your Sound, a New Facebook Group For Fellow Music Producers
7th February 2023

Salvione Introduces Elevate Your Sound, a New Facebook Group For Fellow Music Producers

Salvione is a name to follow closely. With a clear intention and mission to give back to the Electronic Dance music community through his own powerful releases and the launch of his own coaching program to help up-and-coming producers improve their processes, the talented DJ and music producer surely shows no signs of slowing down. 

Now, he introduces a special Facebook group called ‘Elevate Your Sound’, where fellow music producers can find tips, recommendations, tutorials and many more tools and opportunities to enhance their productions, enrich and refresh their releases. 

We invited Salvione to tell us more about this group, his Elevate Your Sound Academy, and his upcoming releases. 

Hey Salvione! How are you? 

Hi! I’m doing really well thank you. How are you? 

All good! Thanks. Aside from music making, you have your own ‘Elevate Your Sound Academy’. Can you tell us more about what it is about and who it is for? 

Elevate Your Sound Academy is a coaching program that is aimed at having Electronic music producers finish music quickly, and finish more release-ready music. It is for producers who use Ableton and may be making music, but have a bunch of unfinished tracks on their hard drive, or are not reaching the labels they want or just struggle to write music that they like and can play in their DJ sets.  

What’s your coaching approach, what are the aspects of music production do you focus on? 

I focus on every aspect to help producers finish more, release-ready music. It all starts with the foundation which is creative efficiency to get students finishing music quickly and progresses through to commanding composition to help write better music. Lastly, there’s intentional arrangement which helps producers get out of the dreaded loop phase by knowing exactly what their arrangement needs, and how to nail the details to get a polished professional sounding track. Honestly, it is one of the most comprehensive programs you will find in one place. 

What inspired you to start teaching and sharing knowledge in music production? 

Ever since I started taking classes, I knew one day I wanted to teach, but it all goes back to ADE in 2015. I was making the best music I could and gave a USB to a big artist at dinner. A few weeks later, he told me that it was good but he felt that my production needed to come on a bit more. I was bummed for a bit but after a few days, I started to objectively listen to my music and the music I liked to see what was missing. I then began to take classes in everything from music theory, jazz theory, orchestration, sound design, mixing and mastering and more. 

Since then, I’ve released on labels like Toolroom and Resonance Records to name a few, with multiple Beatport Top 100 releases including a Top 10. These releases helped me to get gigs and play big festivals like The BPM festival and Electric Zoo, and to begin touring and playing parties like Elrow and Toolroom at Ministry Of Sound. I was inspired to start this program because I wanted to create the program I wish existed when I was in that place in 2015. Now, I can help others achieve their musical goals whatever that may look like.  

You recently launched a special Facebook group called ‘Elevate Your Sound’, can you tell us more about what’s the purpose of this group? 

Similar to the academy, the Elevate Your Sound group is aimed at helping Electronic music producers finish more music quickly and more release-ready music. This is done through weekly content consisting of tutorials, tips, free sample packs, giveaways, and community driven content to help people to connect with like-minded individuals. I even do a weekly free track feedback session for those in the group! 

Who can join or are there any requirements? 

As long as you’re an Electronic music producer and you want to improve, then this is the place for you.  

What would you say is the most rewarding thing from creating and sharing in the group? 

I feel the knowledge I have is always meant to be shared. Just dropping a tip in the group can really help someone make something they wouldn’t before. It can help them be more creative or more efficient. We’re all here to get better. There’s enough for all of us. It’s not a competition. I love giving away a sample pack with kick drums I’ve made because that can spark creativity in someone else. They may do something completely different than I did. To have people tagging me in videos of the tracks they have made with my samples is really rewarding.  

Why do you think it’s important to have groups like this for music makers? 

I think it’s important because it can be tough to find a place with information targeted at helping you improve as a producer, but most importantly it’s about the community too. Some producers don’t have people that they can go to if they have questions. Here, people can drop a question in the group that they may need help with and get an answer from myself and a bunch of people that have done it before or are trying to do the same thing. There are some great discussions in there.  

Are there any other news or project launches scheduled for Elevate Your Sound Academy? 

I am launching the next cohort of the academy in the middle of February. I am also running a competition in which you can win a pair of Sennheiser HD 25 headphones, a toolroom infinite plug-in, or a 60 min one on one masterclass with myself. All you have to do to enter is join the group and invite 20 producers you think would benefit from being in there. As an appreciation for helping other producers along in their journey, I am also giving away a free masterclass valued at $300 to anyone who enters the competition.  

What’s coming up for Salvione? 

Currently, I’m putting together a few tours and summer is shaping up to be a pretty big one. I also just signed a new two track EP to one of my favorite labels, Baikonur Recordings so I am absolutely buzzing to start the year.  

Join Elevate Your Sound Facebook Group here:

Salvione Online




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