29th October 2021
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Jacob Colon Continues to Build an Impressive Fan Base With New House Hit ‘Groovin’

Jacob has been on fire recently, especially with his latest release ‘Groovin’ coming on 29/10/2021. Jacob Colon’s rise to prominence in the House music world has been nothing short of superb over the last 18 months, as he continues his rise to prominence in the industry with a string of previous heavyweight releases like ‘Desert Storm’, ‘Don’t Stop’ and his work on ‘Love Ahora’. Jacob Colon lives and breathes all things House music and is emerging as one of the most talented and reliable Producers within his format. With a taste developed straight from the streets of New York, his authentic sound includes some rich elements and is a result of his outstanding career. 

‘Groovin’ features that classic and rhythmic vibe Jacob Colon pours into all of his releases, as he takes you on a journey with an undeniable House funk that many of his fans have fallen in love with over the years. Jacob kicks off ‘Groovin’ with the inclusion of a synth-led, yet punchier sounding hits that transform this single into a slightly darker, club-focused banger. Sultry elements incorporated by Jacob decorate the outer corners of the stereo field along with a variety of vocal morphs and hits, giving it that deep and trancing vibe that shines an unmissable spotlight onto those catchy leads. If you’re not yet acquainted with the likes of Jacob Colon, check out his music now. 

Jacob Colon has been on fire this past year of his career, as he has whipped up a storm of outstanding releases that provide the perfect escapism we’re all craving right now. Check out his latest hit ‘Groovin’, kick back and keep it on repeat! 

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