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Regular Releases on Big Labels   If we’ve ticked all the right boxes, we can and do sign our clients to their target labels to get them on the path to success. Being signed to a major or established record

Spacey Gray is here with a new unmissable production. The Australian DJ and music producer gets ready to introduce his latest hit ’Stardust 3000’. Following the remarkable releases of his Techno track ‘Will Powah’ and his own version of Gorillaz

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Fazza is here with a new instant hit. The UK artist is ready to introduce his latest production ‘Party’ via his co-founded label Ciclé Records. The young up-and-coming Tech House DJ and music producer strikes back with this powerful track

Alex Cecil is surely ready to take the Electronic Dance music scene by storm. He introduces a new flagship powerful production ‘Western’, the track joins a special compilation by the iconic label RVDIOVCTIVE. The DJ and music producer known for his

DJ and music producer Alex Cecil is back with a new hard-hitting banger, a remarkable remix of ‘Drifting Away’ a track originally by Miss Nine, Jacob Maess, CRNV. The DJ known for his eclectic style and powerful productions, that have

Denni Kindred, also known as Longstocking is a talented DJ and music producer that continues to amaze with hard-hitting releases. This time, they bring forward another high-quality production ‘Sunglow Pier’ via Feral One Records. While they’re not a stranger to

Nick Steffen and 2AR join forces to release their fresh new banger ‘Never Drown’. The artists known for their talent and skillful live sets are ready to make a new impact in the Dance music world. Nick Steffen is a

Talented DJ and music producer and SMOOTH TOUCH’s label boss Christian Bonori is back with yet another hard-hitting release. This time, he teams up with musician and vocalist Luke Coulson to bring the best of these both worlds to introduce

DYNMT BRINGS A 303 ACID HOUSE ANTHEM WITH AN UPLIFTING MELODIC TWIST Night Class Records continues to push the very best of the island of Ireland’s underground electronic music talent with the latest offering from DYNMT, ‘The Park Down The