18th August 2021
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subduxtion Continues to Turn Heads With Blissful Trilogy EP ‘Expanse’

Following his latest appearances on prior HPS releases (Various Artists and Reshapes 01 and 02), subduxtion is stepping out on his own with his brand-new release ‘Expanse’. This three-track release sees subduxtion continuing to evolve his image with an inimitable sound unlike any other. subduxtion’s ability to branch out and play with and combine a variety of sounds from percussion to deep pads to glitched-out electronics is what sets him apart from the rest. You can expect ‘Expanse’ to take you on a journey, as subduxtion brings together elements of tech-house, dub, and ambient to shape his release as the dancefloor dominator he is bringing to the scene on 06/08/21.

The EP starts off with ‘Beautiful Stranger’, which keeps with that deliciously dark theme mixed in with those blissful elements that exude a calming nature which disconnects you from reality upon listening. Perfect for the after-hours setting, expect that layered kick drum to grip you and keep you dancing as fleeting high-pitched melodies that come and go offer up a refreshing palette as you dance your way through this track.

With ‘Expanse’, you can expect to be taken on a dark and ethereal journey as a minimal and rhythmic kick drum leads the way into those entrancing and atmospheric elements that breathe an essence of life and character into the production. Before you know it, fleeting piano elements surround you and give the song an uplifting edge that juxtaposes the first quarter of the song, demonstrating how subduxtion can switch up the vibe and emotion effortlessly within his own music, overall illustrating his raw talents as a producer.

Subduxtion switches up the vibe for his last release of the trilogy, as ‘Shineonholdon’ drifts the furthest out in terms of the conventional style of Techno. It proves to be really powerful as subduxtion manages to keep you glued to that deep and cavernous realm of sound, but this release focuses more so on the art of expression through playful breaks, luscious melodies, and dreamy synths to give it that hazy atmosphere that heightens your senses and leaves you wanting to press replay as soon as it is over.

Subduxtion has really hit it off this season with a string of impressive releases backing his image, especially with the release of his latest singles ‘Ambience’ and ‘Shelter’ backing his image. Keep an eye out for subduxtion this year as he continues to change the face of his music domain and send ripples throughout the scene.

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