21st January 2024
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Artist Progression & PR Management – Copy

Regular Releases on Big Labels


If we’ve ticked all the right boxes, we can and do sign our clients to their target labels to get them on the path to success.

Being signed to a major or established record label in the electronic music world can open doors that would otherwise be difficult to access. These labels have established networks and connections within the industry, allowing artists to tap into a vast pool of resources and opportunities that synergise with what MCPR excels at to create a powerful team for your project.

Distribution is a crucial aspect of a music release, and the better labels often have well-established distribution channels that can ensure wide availability and exposure across various platforms and territories. This accessibility to global markets can lead to increased streams, sales, and potential licensing opportunities.


Once an artist has proved that they are capable of releasing music that is likely to achieve success, having the right label on your side can make life a whole lot easier as it’s not just you that’s investing in your project anymore, it’s the label too. Label’s that believe in your project and are invested in the mutual vision for success will invest their time, resources and finances into projects that they believe in.


Attract Brands & Endorsement Deals


In the competitive landscape of the music industry, attracting brands and securing endorsement deals is a coveted achievement for DJ/Producers. It not only provides lucrative financial opportunities but also elevates their status and credibility as influential tastemakers.


Brand partnerships and endorsement deals offer a symbiotic relationship between artists and businesses targeting their core audience. Through our strategic approach, we position artists in a way that makes them a desirable choice for brands. We meticulously craft brand identity and create a compelling narrative that resonates with potential sponsors. By understanding the artist’s unique selling points, we effectively showcase their influence, talent, and marketability, making them an attractive option for brand collaborations. Our team understands the nuances of brand partnerships and knows how to negotiate win-win deals that benefit both parties.


High Engagement & Reach For Your Fanbase

At MCPR, our holistic approach to Artist Progression & PR Management empowers you to harness the financial potential of your fanbase. Through calculated social media strategies, targeted content planning, and strategic partnerships, we create an environment that fosters not only artistic fulfilment but also financial stability. With our expertise and guidance, you can confidently navigate the complex landscape of fanbase growth, knowing that each engagement brings you closer to a thriving and prosperous career in music.

By investing in the growth and engagement of your fanbase, you’re not only building a dedicated community but also setting the stage for long-term financial success. The support and enthusiasm of your fans become the driving force behind a sustainable career in the music industry.


Bookings, Tours & Exponential Growth


As your bookings and tours gain traction, the financial benefits become increasingly apparent. Higher-paying gigs, festival appearances, and international tours provide substantial income streams that contribute to your overall financial success. Additionally, live performances serve as powerful promotional tools, attracting new fans and driving further growth in your fanbase.


Through meticulous planning, we help you identify key territories and target markets, enabling you to expand your reach and fanbase exponentially and compile PR campaigns at the local or regional level to supercharge your buzz in any given zone. By carefully working with Booking Agents and Tour Managers with selecting tour destinations and optimising timing, we maximise your exposure and capitalise on the momentum generated by your music releases and media coverage.


Exponential growth goes beyond the immediate financial gains. It sets the foundation for a sustainable career, opening doors to new opportunities such as brand collaborations, licensing deals, and endorsements. As your profile expands through successful bookings and tours, you become a sought-after artist, allowing you to negotiate better deals and command higher fees.


Where this all leads to is open-ended – but you can be sure that with MCPR you’re being represented by a team that has the experience and expertise required to hit the heights that your project is capable of.


The sky is the limit and we’re here to not only get you to meet these destinations, but capitalise on each milestone along the way.




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