EXCLUSIVE: DJ Phonon – IDWTBF – Behind the Scenes Interview
2nd November 2018
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EXCLUSIVE: DJ Phonon – IDWTBF – Behind the Scenes Interview

DJ Phonon has been pushing out releases all year, and “I Don’t Want to Be Friends’ is just the latest example of the exemplary sounds he can produce on a whim. With iron-clad production and ethereal synthesis, the track is a real beauty. We caught up with DJ Phonon to explore the makings of the track and how it fits in to the year he has had.

So – how would you describe this track to people who don’t know DJ Phonon?

It’s the most Pop track I have ever done!

Do you think the vibe is different to your usual sounds?

Yeah I think it’s different because the vocals and lyrics really take the track to a different place.

How long did it take to complete the track from start to finish?

Around 3 months as I sat on the track for a month before I sent it off to get some vocals, then I completely rewrote it when the vocals came back.

Do you have anything else in a similar style coming up?

I am currently working on a few more Pop tracks similar to this, which will be released later on in the year.  I’m really excited as I have some really great songwriters and vocalist working on them now!

Is this your favourite personal release of the year?

It’s one of them yes!

Did the track start from a single idea, or did you know where you wanted to go with it straight away?

I was aiming for a clubby Pop track when I started the track and I’m pleased with the results!

Finally, where can we find the track?

In all major online store and streaming services.

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