After the success of his previous hit ‘Landing’, Trunks is back with a slower, more chilled out track titled ‘Nimbus’ in his signature style of an EDM and Trap fusion. ‘Nimbus’ builds gradually from the very first beat; it’s bright

Pierre Reynolds is back with a brand new 4-track EP titled ‘Anima’ full of absolute House bangers. ‘You Make Me’ is one of the faster tunes on this EP, featuring soulful vocals and stunning harmonies. The groove ‘You Make Me’

Polish Progressive House sensation Mateo Paz is back for the 138th edition of his podcast ‘Gain’. This week’s show is full of some amazing tracks all mixed to perfection, ready to get you through the day. This week’s broadcast kicks

Ales Gehringer, also known as DJ Orbith has released a brand new EP for his latest production ‘Black’. ‘Black’ is a high tempo beat with lots of complex percussion elements. This track’s repetitive nature is dangerously hypnotic along with a soul-shattering vocal

Davi Hemann has created an absolute EDM classic with his newest hit ‘It Ain’t Right’. The song starts off slow with gorgeous female vocals and memorable lyrics before it builds to a funky drop. Upbeat and driving, Davi has ensured

Mateo Paz has re-released his beautiful pop ballad featuring the stunning vocals of Asmik Shiroyan. ‘Mine Alone’ is very different to some of Mateo’s other releases but is just as good as it features warming chords and atmospheric elements that

Dave Till has collaborated with 3 highly talented artists: Codice, Spinner Sunny & Junior Paes, together creating an epic tune titled ‘Where Is The Love?’ The track builds from the very first beat with pretty melodies and complex drum patterns

UK producer Third Floor, aka Aaron Bannie is back for a brand new EP titled ‘Almost Whole’ featuring 4 tracks including his hit tune ‘Lying Eyes’ featuring Ryan Konline. All 4 songs are beautifully produced and can only be described as silky slow

DJ Phonon is back with a cheery House infused Pop track titled ‘Nobody’. The track starts off slow with bright, sustained chords before kick into to the main groove of the song and giving off a slight tropical summer vibe. What

It’s that time of the week again! Mateo Paz has released his 137th edition of his podcast ‘Gain’ containing the very best Progressive House music around. This week’s broadcast features music from Sugarman with ‘Hola Eivissa’, Octave’s ‘Acid Drink’, PIEMONT’s