2020 Roundup with Toma Hawk
21st December 2020

2020 Roundup with Toma Hawk

Toma Hawk has truly outdone himself this year as 2020 saw the launch of his brand-new moniker Mon.Ton along with building up the roster of his label Lakota Music with artists such as Lorely Mur, The Enveloper and DJ Ralph and not to mention developing a world-renowned radio show ‘Lakota Radio’. Some of his tracks that have reached critical acclaim include ‘Destination Zero’ and ‘Velvet’. We caught up with Toma Hawk to discuss his 2020.


First off, how has this year been for you considering the circumstances?

Thanks for asking! For me personally, it was a successful year. Hard and busy but all of us are healthy and that’s the most important thing. I am sad and the future is unstable for the moment. But I am very positive human and try to do always the best. Also, I’ve managed to help some people where the situation has hit much harder than myself.


What has been your highlight of 2020?

The biggest highlight of 2020 is that we have grown as a team. New, great people have joined us and we all work with joy and push everything forward.


Which release of yours has been your favourite this year?

Ohhh…I can’t say that. I’m not like I think one is better than the other or worse than the other…y proud of all the tracks.


How do you feel your artistry has developed over 2020?

I had taken a break until 2018, since then I have been developing steadily and am hungry. I have optimized my processes and everything has settled in a little more neatly. That’s how you develop as a person, and that’s how you mature as an artist.


Have you achieved the goals you set out to do in 2020?

Yes absolutely, even personally I feel I have exceeded my expectations. If you look back to where we stood as a team at the beginning of the year and where we stand now is a small quantum leap in our universe (laughs)


Which other artist has been an inspiration to you this year?

There are many inspirations. That’s why it’s hard for me to come up with a few names.


What are your resolutions for 2021?

2021 we have developed a good plan. We want to move forward with our existing projects and improve in everything we do. This is the driving force to get a little closer to heaven. Ah and… I really want to release my second album


Where would you like to see your career this time next year?

For myself, I would like to be able to look back and say we’ve made really big steps forward, to be proud of what we’ve achieved. Where the road leads is always difficult to predict and relative.


Do you have any big plans in the pipeline that we can get excited about?

Yeah sure…we’re going to revamp the Lakota Radio show a bit and take the next step forward, so I’m really looking forward to that. Also, we want to promote our artists on the two labels Lakota Music Records & Lakota Music Raw and of course release a lot of cool music. The Labelnights are of course in the drawer…the situation just doesn’t allow that yet!



Finally, if you could give one word, to sum up, your 2020, what would it be and why?



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