2020 Roundup with Mike Bello
22nd December 2020

2020 Roundup with Mike Bello

With his first release debuting in 2019, Mike Bello has gone on to release an official remix for Olivia Addams’ hit ‘Sick Lullaby’ and collaborated with Japanese powerhouse Takahiro Yoshihira on ‘Hedgehog’ back in May 2020. His uniqueness and varied influences have certainly freshened up the Electro House scene. We caught up with Mike to get his round-up of 2020


First off, how has this year been for you considering the circumstances?

It has definitely been a strange year. The lockdowns obviously put a halt to almost all live shows and gigs but being at home actually gave me a lot more time to focus on improving my music production and sound design skills. Overall, it has been a good year for me in ways I would not have expected. I think the time I spent improving my skills has helped me to prepare to make 2021 my biggest year yet, so overall I feel very excited to really kick things up a notch in the year ahead.


What has been your highlight of 2020?

I’d have to say my single ‘Plug’. The reaction has been huge for this song and it has absolutely blown me away. I’ve had support from DJs such as Jewelz & Sparks, and R3HAB, and most of all, I’ve had so much support from my fans. It’s been both amazing and humbling at the same time.


Which release of yours has been your favourite this year?

Again, it’s definitely ‘Plug’. It really captures the vibe and energy that I want to bring out in my music.


How do you feel your artistry has developed over 2020?

I’ve had some great collaborations and remix opportunities this year which have helped me learn many new things and develop my sound. I’ve also spent a lot of time learning and practising different production techniques which have really helped me to bring the sounds I imagine in my head into the real world faster and easier than before.


Have you achieved the goals you set out to do in 2020?

Most of them yes. I originally wanted to release more music, although I’ve actually surpassed some of my other goals in terms of the quality of the music I did release, so overall I’m happy with what I’ve achieved in 2020.


Which other artist has been an inspiration to you this year?

Metrik. I’ve been watching his live streams and music production tutorials a lot this year. His passion and knowledge when he talks about music production is especially inspiring to me, and his album “Ex Machina” has this huge energy that just makes me want to make new music every time I hear it.


What are your resolutions for 2021?

In 2021 I want to release more music than the last two years combined, line up more collaborations, play some shows overseas, and most of all I want to find more ways to connect with and talk to my fans and supporters.


Where would you like to see your career this time next year?

I’d love to be working on some collaborations with some of my favourite artists and I’d love to be touring either nationally or internationally. Both of those things would be amazing, and I think my most important first step on that journey is to make more music and release it more often.


Do you have any big plans in the pipeline that we can get excited about?

Yes! I’m going to be launching my radio show very soon so I can’t wait for that! And of course, I’m working on some brand-new music for next year.


Finally, if you could give one word, to sum up, your 2020, what would it be and why?

“Journey”. I think this year has been the first time for me where I can really see where I want to go in the future and what the journey that I’m on really is. Compared to the previous years, I feel more energized than ever before to chase my goals and even set new, higher goals. I want to be able to share that feeling and inspire people to follow their own dreams and goals. So, I feel like this year has been the start of a new journey for me.


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