While True – Leap EP
13th January 2020
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While True – Leap EP

Rotem Doron, better known to us as While True has been bubbling on the underground of the electronic music world since 2003 with his exotic brand of often-melodic and well-textured Techno beats which are capturing the attention of an international reach of peers and listeners alike. Operating out of Tel Aviv where a steady appetite for Techno and quality electronic music has given light to a steady stream of artists, DJs and labels in recent years, a stream that While True is very much a part of as we move into the new decade.

The two-tracker EP kicks off with ‘Leap’ – the lead track which engulfs the listener in a trippy and hypnotic percussive arpeggiator which sets the rhythm for a barrage of vocal twists, sultry synth slides and FX, all carefully constructed to add melodic value to the workout. The bassline is tight, punchy and subtle enough to leave space for the melodic elements to carry the main energy of the production. Crescendos of reverb and space FX give the tension and release which keeps the attention perfectly through the constantly evolving stages of the track.

‘Prime Numbers’ takes the back-up slot with a slightly more deviant tone as the kicks and bass are notched up to a more industrial tenor. Big stage vibes are on display on this one as a warehouse-style off-beat hat does the rhythmic work without too much interference which allows the groove to be established from other means including the frantic synths and mysterious bassline which menacingly pops in and out from behind the 8-but style arpeggiators which rise and fall behind progressive filtering.

It’s a very tidy release from Rotem who kicks off 2020 in style with the release of ‘Leap’ which arrives right on 1st January 2020 to announce his new decade with intent. Coming on the always reliable Theta Music imprint, this is a statement release to start a new era.

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