Sonic Radiation Announces Brand New Track ‘Threshold’
11th November 2021
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Sonic Radiation Announces Brand New Track ‘Threshold’

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, emerging talent Sonic Radiation (also known as Todd Last) is a solo artist who has sent ripples of energy throughout the dance music scene with his exciting electronic dance music that is both modern and experimental. Now Sonic Radiation is stepping out with his latest release ‘Threshold’, with worldwide availability featuring both dynamic and vibrant hits of fresh sounds that have formed fans of Electronic and Dance music all over the world. With hits like ‘Helix’, ‘Infrared’, and ‘Magnetix’ already distinguishing his name amongst others in the industry, you can always rely on Sonic Radiation to take you on a journey.

With Sonic Radiation’s latest hit ‘Threshold’, you can expect to be washed over with blends of extra-terrestrial synthesizer grooves combined with a raw and propelling beat to drive the track forward, homing in on that unique sound Sonic Radiation has built a fanbase from. ‘Threshold’ is brimmed full of genre-bending elements that provide an undeniable danceability with fleeting acidic elements that alleviate your senses and transport you into a world of your own. By intertwining modern music with electronic dance music and utilizing technology as a tool for the manipulation of perspective, Sonic Radiation uses music as a medium of connection to create tracks that are both intriguing and captivating while also sticking to the roots of electronic dance music.

Continuing to carve his own lane in the dance music industry, Sonic Radiation has developed quite the talent for creating impressive productions full of energy, combined with his ingenious ideas that cross musical genre borders and create impactful tunes that can be played everywhere by a large variety of music-lovers from across the world. Join the hype and listen to ‘Threshold’!

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