Oliver Costa – The Hype
29th November 2019
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Oliver Costa – The Hype

Oliver Costa has emerged from his reliable beat lab this month with ‘The Hype’ – a sultry Progressive-laced Trance instrumental package that lives up to its name and once again shows us why Oliver is developing a reputation as a purveyor of epic electronic music. The breaks are subtle, euphoric without ever becoming ‘cheesy’ and perfectly modulated to tease the opening of filters on the lead synths which are kept under control hypnotise the listener into wanting more, without ever being disappointed. Padded chords fill out the sides and background of the mix with pulsing rhythmic flow in a sturdy progression of minor chords that expertly push you through tension and relief before shuddering back into the main bass sections where the filters lock back into a more restrictive containment. With DJ Observer & Daniel Heatcliff on remix duties to complete the package, it’s a finely tuned release that walks the line of reflecting back through club culture whilst aiming the genre into the future, and it does it with style and a love for the sounds that are emitted. 

‘The Hype’ marks an important milestone for Oliver Costa who has steadily been churning out a discography of club-centric Trance and Progressive House for a number of years. With his line of releases growing steadily and clearly improving in sonic depth and quality, it’s no wonder that people are starting to pay attention to the direction of this exciting Producer.

Navida Records once again let us all know why they’re developing a reputation for strong Progressive House and Trance inspired releases that do the job on the dancefloor just as well as they do at volume in headphones to drift away to. Oliver’s return to the label marks another notch in the belt of the imprint that has made itself a home for the likes of DJ Observer, Cliva, Gery Rydell, Paul Bingham, VinTace and many more guests along the way. Now well into a decade plus of putting out expertly crafted club music, the label goes from strength to strength as they continue to stay loyal to their production line.

‘The Hype’ is available now on Navida Records.

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