Listen to ‘Sunglow Pier’ Album by Longstocking
25th August 2022
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Listen to ‘Sunglow Pier’ Album by Longstocking

Denni Kindred, also known as Longstocking is a talented DJ and music producer that continues to amaze with hard-hitting releases. This time, they bring forward another high-quality production ‘Sunglow Pier’ via Feral One Records. While they’re not a stranger to the charts, having reach Beatport #1 in the recent past, their aim and ambition is high as well as their talent, and their success shows no signs of stopping.

Now, they present ‘Sunglow Pier’ , a refreshing and feel-good journey that invites its listeners to an adventure perfect to share with others and freely dance to.

The opening track ‘Doom DaDa’ opens the journey with a hard-hitting beat, a heavy kick grabs the attention of the listener, while claps and shakers add dynamic to the rhythm. A vigorously sounding bassline gives the track its indisputable groove, and the ocean waves give a context to the soundscape, embracing it all and taking the listener to a happy place. A layer of vocals play around with the groove of this refreshing track. Glistening and shimmering pads open up the track later on, to take the listener deeper into this mesmerizing sonic journey that’s just starting.

Next up is ‘Come Out Sad One’, that features a latin-inspired beat with a deep kick drum that marks the pace, a brass melody motif appears to add a new flavor, while the bassline grooves alongside the hard-hitting beat, layers of guitars build a new layer of color that keep up the party vibes up, this is a bright track, a party track, that transports the listener to a fun night-out with friends.

Then comes ‘Into The Current’, where shuffled hi-hats and staccato strings invite the listener in, classical inspired guitar lines add a mysterious tone and an all-encompassing layer of vocals guide the track. An emotional Deep House song perfect for an immersive, introspective experience.

‘Fancy Dancer’ comes next, and starts off with a stunning orchestral sounding vibe; a very deep four-to-the-floor beat pumps the energy up, as a sample of a classical piece by Vivaldi stars as a main character in this track, the groovy bass keeps the party feeling up while the now chopped sample adds a playful layer to this high-energy song that’s perfect to dance to.

‘Villa Villekulla’ is the fifth track and it features KaiBu & AriaBaria. The House energetic beat marks the pace of this powerful track. Chopped vocal samples add dynamic to the beat, while pads embrace the track, a refreshing drop to a dance synth progression opens up space for new layers of pads, vocal samples and sparkling sounds to pass through like a sonic waterfall.

‘Spray Control’ is a Minimal/Deep Tech track that features spray sound samples chopped as an interesting rhythmic pattern starting off the track; an oriental inspired flute-like melody leads the way, though a seemingly crowded area, with lots of sounds and thighs to see, the bouncy beat keeps up the overall adventurous and stimulating vibe.

Lastly, the title-track ‘Sunglow Pier’ presents surf-rock guitars, waves and seagulls that define the soundscape; a powerful house beat marks the final of this highly stimulating journey. Layers of sonic elements add up to the energetic vibe of the track. As the artist suggests the genre of the track is ‘Swell House’, it’s definitely a perfect way of describing this fresh take on the House genre, energetic beat, surf-rock style guitars, synths and pads that keep the party going. Vocals and a guitar chord progression invite a melancholic feeling to the song, while the wave sounds wash away the blues and bring again the opening guitar line to continue the party, alongside smaller percussive elements that definitely keep the party going. The track closes by going back to the beginning, finishing this journey with a powerful ending.

With this release Longstocking shows once more why their name is one to keep a close eye on, as they continue to innovate and push boundaries in the Electronic Dance music world.

‘Sunglow Pier’ is out now via Feral One Records and is available in all major online stores and streaming platforms.

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