Bubba Brothers Answer a Round of Yes or No Questions
22nd March 2023

Bubba Brothers Answer a Round of Yes or No Questions

Bubba Brothers, the duo of Producers hailing from the Algarve, have been making waves in the Electronic Dance music scene with their unique blend of House, Melodic and Progressive sounds. With a strong presence in labels like Univack and their own Mossdeb Sounds, their tracks have found a place in the charts of Beatport and their sets have graced some of the biggest venues around the world. In this interview, we ask them a series of Yes/No questions and get to know the reasons behind their answers. Let’s dive in and get to know Bubba Brothers a little better.

Hello Bubba Brothers, how are you?  

Hi guys 🙂 all good 🙂 thank you for this opportunity. 

We’d like to ask you some Yes/No questions and we’d like to know the reason behind every answer, are you ready?  

Sure…or maybe not…hahaha! 

Is producing better than performing?  

No it isn’t, it’s just different. If we had to choose we choose performing live… the fans are the most important part. 

Is sampling important for your music production process?  

Yes, sometimes…it depends on the occasion. 

Is Ibiza better than Berlin? 

No , It’s not better nor worse. Each has it’s signature charm and energy. 

Is an early set better than a late-night performance? 

No…Depends on the day and the crowd, no rule on this 🙂 

Are Fridays better than Saturdays? 

No, any day is good if you are alive and well.  

Are extended versions better than radio versions? 

Yes and NO 🙂 depends on the track and your set..:-)) 

Do you have a favorite story from a live performance? Can you tell us more about it? 

Yes, when we were still using CDs , we ejected the one that actually was playing… silence in a crowded club…LOL…not a nice thing to remember BUT it comes with the job 🙂 

Is it easy to keep yourself inspired? 

No, Life inspires us…so everyday we wake up inspired 🙂  

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