Behind the scenes of ‘The Watcher’ with Toma Hawk
5th May 2020

Behind the scenes of ‘The Watcher’ with Toma Hawk

Techno aficionado Toma Hawk has an incredible 25-year run in the industry where he has made a name for himself through his intricate and groove-ridden music, dedicated passion and thirst for more. His latest track The Watcher is deep and dark and offers you 10 minutes of pure techno bliss. We caught up with Toma to find out some more behind the scenes info about his recent release.


How did the inspiration for The Watcher come about?

Inspiration is hard to find. I can’t say for certain that it was anything specific. The situation at that time was relaxed and solved. I think you can feel that in the track.


How would you describe the vibe of this tune?

He carries something of real life with him. A bit wild and yet relaxed as mentioned above in the inspiration.


What’s your favourite part of the track?

At the moment I like it a lot when it goes from acid into a break.


Did you face any creative difficulties at all?

No, not at all. I have found out for myself how I can lose myself in creativity. This almost always works out very well and when it doesn’t, then I just do something completely different.


What are you hoping to achieve with ‘The Watcher’?

Above all, I wish that as many lovers of electronic music as possible enjoy the track and look forward to the next release


How did Mon.Ton come to remix the track?

It’s funny, I keep getting asked about Mon.Sound. I think I need to get a little clarity on that. Mon.Ton is the style of the remix and not another artist “yet”. Basically, it is a Toma Hawk remix! [laughs]


How does this compare to your other releases?

The question refers to The Watcher I suppose. Well…I’m trying to develop myself constantly and I think I can do that without always delivering the same soup. Sure…everybody has his own style, but I think that The Watcher is really catching the pulse of the time with a lot of acid and melodic elements. Mon.ton is always straighter and a gear harder


Tell us more about your imprint Lakota Records?

A good question! Lakota records is actually still a young and rather fresh child. I actually founded the label to release my productions without much back and forth. I am relatively painless there. Productions should go out into the world from my point of view and with Lakota, I can do that easily. In the near future, there will be a lot happening here as well. Of course, I open the door for as many talents as possible, for whom it is important to publish their stuff! News will be published soon!


Finally, where can we go to download ‘The Watcher’?

You can find “The Watcher” on all usual Channels. I simply recommend Spotify for streaming and Beatport


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