Tenishia Creates Electronic Magic with Malta Philharmoic
20th April 2018

Tenishia Creates Electronic Magic with Malta Philharmoic

2018 marked the year Malta’s very own star DJ and producer Tenishia, combined with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra to create one of the island’s most beautiful and powerful musical events of recent memory. Conducted for the closing concert of Valletta 2018’s opening programme, the ethereal sounds of the orchestra blended with Tenishia’s forward thinking Dance music to create a unique atmosphere that encapsulated the audience.

Using Dance music classics from artists like Daft Punk, Depeche Mode and Faithless amongst others, Tenishia teamed up with Malta’s national orchestra to make this vision a reality. At the eye-opening event, music was blended and genres transcended, with the crossover of fans and music coming together to produce this emotional experience for the listeners. With various sounds and genres at play, the DJ and conductor worked in harmony to showcase the power of music, both new and old. The full video of the event is now available to be viewed, and you can witness the full performance of the evening.

With Tenishia’s background of playing shows all over the world, as well as the orchestra’s legacy in capturing the hearts and souls of listeners for decades, the match was only ever headed for success. Two of Malta’s finest exports have combined for an amazing festival of celebration and shown that no matter what is happening in the world, the power of music is always prevalent. It shows musical interests and experiences can be vastly different but can still come together to create a remarkable hybrid.

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