Lenell Brown’s ‘Bring it To Life’ Series Welcomes Brand-New Release ‘Summertime’
14th July 2021

Lenell Brown’s ‘Bring it To Life’ Series Welcomes Brand-New Release ‘Summertime’

Lenell Brown welcomes his brand-new video featuring as the third release in the highly anticipated ‘Bring It To Life’ video series called ‘Summer Time’ with Fonsi Nieto. Lenell Brown’s original and innovative video series is unprecedented in the Dance music industry as the joint endeavour alongside Produer & Director Gonzalo Suàrez Romero, who is tasked with bringing some of Lenell Brown’s best work to life breaks new grounds. New content will be dropping from Lenell every month, but right now this month’s release is focussing on ‘Summer Time’ bringing you good vibes just in time for you to tune in the middle of the heat season. 

Lenell Brown’s gospel upbringing paved the way for his career to span across the world, touring in places such as Japan, America and Switzerland whilst featuring on a number of collaborations with some of Spain’s top DJs and Producers such as The Zombie Kids, Fonsi Nieto and Robbie Rivera. However, with this endeavour, you can expect the same level of high-quality work that distinguished his name in the industry to begin with. 

The video production for ‘Summer Time’ features as a high energy display of bright colours that provides the perfect escapism that we’re all craving as we prepare to get back on the dancefloor for the heat season. Upon watching the video, you can be treated to scenes drenched in a warm pink hue that features sandy beaches with crashing waves filled with surfers that displays the perfect vibes for dancing away to in the heat of the sun off the golden shores with cocktails flowing in hand. You can expect to see Lenell’s next visual release on the 6th of August, which will be followed by the remainder of the series in the weeks and months to follow.  

Watch ‘Summer Time’ Here: 

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