IND:RA Brings a Unique Perspective on Faithless’ ‘Insomina’ with a New Remix
13th May 2024

IND:RA Brings a Unique Perspective on Faithless’ ‘Insomina’ with a New Remix

IND:RA unveils his latest track, a Melodic House & Techno remix of Faithless’ ‘Insomnia’. A skilled Producer and DJ in Electronic Music, IND:RA continues to strike back, creating thrilling listening journeys within his music for genre enthusiasts around the globe to experience. With this new release, IND:RA keeps the bar raised, showcasing his signature style with a production dynamic in energy, resulting in a captivating listen from the Producer and DJ. 

As he designs a signature sound that defies boundaries, blending elements from across genres, IND:RA ensures that his music keeps the originality of his creativity at its centre, appearing innovative and distinctive in sonic character. With a penchant for melodic nuance, IND:RA has become known for his detailed soundscapes, incorporating elements of House, Techno, and Acid to establish a style that continues to appear unique. Having played a role in the evolution of Electronic Music in his home country, India, IND:RA continues to ensure he leaves a mark on the genre, now leading the label Desert Disco Records, releasing House and Techno tracks from a variety of Artists. As he brings this latest production to his listeners, IND:RA keeps the focus on his talents, breathing fresh vibes into the Insomnia classic.  

With the original’s essence continuing to shine through, IND:RA sympathetically balances between adding his own unique touch to the track while maintaining the principal elements of Faithless’ version. Featuring potent beats, driving basslines, bouncy synths, and punchy details, IND:RA’s remix of ‘Insomnia’ brings an intense energy that continues to build as the track moves forward. With the familiar melodic riff and spoken vocal line entering the mix, IND:RA brings in lively arpeggiators, anthemic-sounding details and intensifying pad elements to guide through the tension-building breakdown. As bold leads elevate the energy, IND:RA’s talents when it comes to creating layered mixes and catchy melodic details shine through, making his remix of ‘Insomnia’ a noteworthy display of his signature sound and distinct style.  

So, dive into IND:RA’s powerful sonic world with his rework of Faithless’ ‘Insomnia’ and be sure to stay up-to-date with him via social media as he remains a talent to keep watching closely. ‘Insomnia (IND:RA Bootleg)’ is out now and available to stream. 

Listen and Download ‘Insomnia (IND:RA Bootleg)’ Now: 

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