DJ Dris Presents His Latest Single ‘Origins’
13th May 2024

DJ Dris Presents His Latest Single ‘Origins’

DJ Dris brings his next Afro House single, ‘Origins,’ through Born Digital Music. A Producer and DJ who continues to strike back with hard-hitting productions, building a momentum that leads him to new ground as he remains consistent with his release schedule, DJ Dris is surely on an exciting path. His powerful style appears as a signature to his creative expression, evolving as he discovers more fresh and compelling sounds to integrate into his work; now, as he once again showcases his unique approach towards music production, DJ Dris delivers ‘Origins’, a groovy release that will no doubt captivate listeners.  

Throughout his musical journey, DJ Dris has found inspiration through a range of Electronic Music genres, resulting in a bold and original sonic identity that shines through in his music. As he marries his energetic sound with a penchant for telling stories through his tracks, DJ Dris’ collection of work emerges as a distinctive portrayal of his innovative creativity, continuing to lead his production of impactful music. With the influence of Afro House, Afro Beats, and Deep Tribal appearing as the guiding force to his sound, DJ Dris has curated a signature style that is both rhythmically stimulating and emotive in meaning, and this newest single surely comes as another powerful example of this.  

Featuring a bold beat, mighty rhythms, and pulsing synth lines, ‘Origins’ delivers an intricately designed soundscape that layers in a range of mesmerising sonic details to create a distinctly original production. With elements like growling hooks and potent bass pads coming together with the captivating vocal line and energetic rhythmic hits, which serve to present DJ Dris’ influence from the Afro genres, the track invites listeners on an engaging auditory journey that is as colourful in sonic character as it is compelling in vibes.  

With this latest release, DJ Dris again places his individuality in the spotlight, creating a production that effortlessly showcases his musical originality and signature sound. So, as he guarantees more music soon, be sure to keep an eye on DJ Dris via social media to not miss out on any upcoming releases from this talented Artist.    

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