Behind the scenes of ‘Wake Up’ with Lenell Brown
27th October 2020

Behind the scenes of ‘Wake Up’ with Lenell Brown

Lenell Brown is something of a staple in the dance music scene as he is the resident vocalist for Spain’s top label Clipper’s Sounds. He has been responsible for some exceptional releases such as ‘One Day’, ‘Losing My Mind’ and ‘I Need Lovin’. His career is decorated with achievements, worldwide tours and top-charting releases, we caught up with Lenell to find out more about the story behind the release of ‘Wake Up’.


What was the inspiration behind the lyrics of this track? 

The lyrics are about a girl who you see in your dreams.  It’s nice, comforting and beautiful. The conflict is knowing that it’s a dream and not wanting to “Wake Up “and face reality but if you don’t, you will never know what the future holds.


How would you describe ‘Wake Up’ to someone who hasn’t heard it yet? 

Mystical. Relatable … put that track on REPEAT. Playable.


What’s your favourite part of the track? 

I love the beginning of the verses… the vocal mix is attention capturing. You want to listen to see where the story takes you.


Did you have to work with Young Saints virtually on this release? 

Yes, they were travelling between New York and Spain, so we did most of the work online.


This is one of many collabs with Young Saints, what’s your working relationship like?  

It’s great. We all add our own individual artistic freedoms to the collaboration.


How has the initial reaction been like? 

The initial reaction has been fantastic. Great feedback from radio DJs.


Have you found your lyrical style has changed over lockdown at all? 

Not really. Of course, as a singer, I’m always looking to make minor changes to the vocal styling when delivering the lyrics.


Who would you like to see supporting this track? 

Radio stations. I think the track is a nice radio track. Something to vibe and chill to.


What else can we expect from Lenell Brown in the coming months?

November 13th I have an incredible release dropping on my label Clipper’s Sounds. An amazing collaboration with a couple of Spain’s top DJ/ producers Pepe Cano & Chris Dahlberg titled “Turn it up“ so stay tuned for that one!


Finally, where can people go to grab their copy?

You can download the track on all digital platforms or stream it on Spotify.




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