Slater Hogan and John Larner are best known for their work behind the turntables, but the pair have earned a large international audience for their House Music productions, which routinely pop up on the playlists of the genre’s best

Italian bass-king Blose has been on a mission in recent months and years to reinvigorate the sub-frequency dominant side of House and EDM with a chest-rattling series of releases that have been turning the ears of bass heads, DJs and

Production which RMA has been rampaging up the food chain in dance music in recent years with a steady tide of heavyweight tracks that have picked up and released by stellar imprints such as Axtone, NoFace, Sirup Music, Ensis, Brooklyn Fire and many

Following up their excellent ‘Don’t Stop Believing in Love’ – Italian production whizz Andrea Curato and American vocal talent Coco Street have put their minds together once again for the upcoming release of ‘If I Stay’ – a subtle but

Ken Bauer & J-Rob MD have joined forces once again to deliver an incredible melancholic Future House anthem that features a stunning vocal and thick emotional drop. ‘Until You Speak’ has a steady beat during the intro getting you ready

Initial Eyes has released yet another 2 tracks titled ‘Awakening’ and ‘The Infinite Climb’ which explore the realms of progressive house and make for truly joyful listening. ‘Awakening’ is deep, intriguing and melodic with a low-level energy that’s calming yet

  ALWZ SNNY’s brand new release ‘Love Revolution’ was born by the inspiration of Tomorrowland. Melancholic chords open the track whilst Jennifer Chatham’s voice sends tingles up your spine as its paired with cinematic bass. ‘Love Revolution’ continues to build

First announced back in December of last year, the wait is finally over as Wæde Wätts’s debut album ‘Avenoir’ is out now. Featuring 12 outstanding tracks, this album takes you on a journey through grooves and melodies like no other.

Third Of The Fourth takes on a different approach to electronic music than what most people would consider the normal routine. There is less importance on tagging this album with genres, but more with inspirations and premises. Formulas are not

Naizon’s latest release proves that his decision to switch up genres to Tech House was a stroke of genius as ‘Pause’ features a funky Tech House beat with dark and edgy vocals that offer a sort of mysteriousness to the