Kebi strikes again with a brand-new remix of ‘Stay’ from Rhianna & Mikki Ekko. Kebi has been on fire recently, with a string of releases like ‘Asherah’, ‘Novoye’, and ‘Livin’ topping off his impressive discography and turning heads in the industry. Kebi features as more than a Producer, with talents bleeding out into all aspects of the creative field as he excels in DJing, Producing, and creating art. Viewing his human experiences as a spiritual canvas of expression, Kebi is well on his way to the top of the pile of artists in his domain. Kebi’s latest offering features as a

Hailing from Canada, threefold talent Kebi specialises in DJing, Producing, and creating art. Viewing his human experiences as a spiritual canvas of expression, Kebi’s unique feel-good vibe is a direct reflection of his inner world, which features as a delicate alchemy of deep house roots, disco grooves, and vast meditative experiences. His inspirations are drawn from ethnic world beats, disco rhythms, funky bass lines, groovy percussions, and an overall happy feel. Kebi always keeps his listeners guessing and feeling free in the moment, taking them on an intricate journey through blends of old and new sounds. If you’re looking to chill out and unwind, then tune in

NATHASSIA is returning with a brand-new single ‘Parasite’, with representation on the imprint ‘ArchangelUK Recordings’. Her prominent live show capabilities and successful releases like ‘Rainmaker’ and ‘Star Sapphire’ paired with the successful launch of Her weekly ‘Goddess Is A DJ’ radio show is what keeps her ahead of the curve. NATHASSIA has constantly been pushing the boat out in terms of her devotion to music, her sound continues to develop with each successive release, and she is bound to have a great year ahead with the way she is growing as an artist. Join the hype and tune into her latest release, NATHASSIA is taking

As we move to the end of summer, Jacob Colon’s collection of shows from August keep it hot, as he draws us in to get the latest fix of the best House the scene has to offer, with a sultry blend of the hottest Afro House packed full of groove. Jacob Colon’s rise to prominence in the industry comes down to his limitless talents behind the decks to the Production room, with a plethora of heavyweight releases that have been broadcasted globally, including releases like ‘Love Ahora’ with Vann Morfin and Laura Noble, ‘Desert Storm’ and ‘Don’t stop’. With a background of club-ready anthems behind him,

As we’re nearing the end of summer, Marvin Marvelous is back with another impressive month of continuous episodes of ‘The Marvin Show’, a treat we can sink our teeth into to get a feel of Marvin’s influences and impressive music taste, overall generating a buzz as to what we can expect to hear as we migrate from our makeshift raves at home and claim back our rightful spot on the dancefloor. With an origin in the dance music scene from an early age surrounding musical influences in his childhood home like Motown, R &B, Jazz, and Classic Rock that has

Hailing from Denmark, Terry Golden is somewhat of a veteran in the dance music industry, with almost 30 years of knowledge under his belt DJing and Producing in the electronic music scene. With musical influences built from various genres and artists like Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, and some of his more recent influences like David Guetta’s Future Rave sound, Terry offers up fresh and unique music as he merges his different techniques and experiences to create truly ear-catching releases. He has made himself known in the scene and turned heads along the way, with Radio support from some of the biggest figureheads

Floormagnet consists of six experienced electronic music lovers based in Stockholm, Sweden. What creates the magic between them are the disparate yet talented differences of the six striking producers that come together with each release to create a unique combination with their obsession of tweaking tracks until perfection and delivering authenticity to music lovers across the globe. With deep roots in the underground scene, they let ideas flow freely by pushing the conventional boundaries of music, which they use to develop their own characteristically captivating soundscape. Inspired by the Swedish addictive nature, the intense darkness, light, and vulnerability.  Check out the latest

NATHASSIA welcomes a brand-new month of shows, with a consistent weekly radio show hosted by one of the most ethereal artists in the industry. NATHASSIA continues to push the boat out in terms of her musical style with sounds made up of her worldly influences that are entirely unique and hypnotic. She is currently sat on top of a discography of seriously impressive hits like ‘Light Of The World’, ‘In My Head’ and ‘Change The World’. Her sound continues to develop with each successive release, and she has received widespread praise from both her fans and the music industry itself.

Cyazon welcomes a brand-new month of shows, with a consistent weekly radio show hosted by one of the most innovative artists in the industry. Cyazon continues to push the boat out in terms of his musical style where he is constantly testing the boundaries of conventional music and his sound has come on leaps and bounds from when he first started. Cyazon welcomes his third month of Cyber Future’, which has grown in popularity amongst listeners in the scene. You can expect to find a plethora of inimitable sounds built up from Cyazon’s library of unique tastes and influences including heavy

Lenell Brown welcomes a brand-new video release titled ‘Somewhere’ as part of his ongoing ‘Bring it To Life’ video series which has gained a large amount of support and attention over the last coming months. You can expect to be treated to high-quality and enjoyable videos with each release, as Lenell Brown continues to send ripples throughout the scene with a totally modern revamp of his releases with all new high quality and original video content, brought to you by Lenell himself alongside the Producer & Director Gonzalo Suàrez Romero. New content will be dropping from Lenell every month, so