After the successful launch of Lenell Brown’s first video in the ‘Bring It To Life’ series kicking off with the visualised release of ‘Love You Down’, he is now returning with a brand-new video launch of his next release ‘Last Night’ with Tall & Handsome. You can expect a totally modern revamp of Lenell’s classic releases with all new high quality and original video content, brought to you by Lenell himself alongside the Producer & Director Gonzalo Suàrez Romero, who is tasked with bringing some of Lenell Brown’s best work to life. New content will be dropping from Lenell every month, so keep an

Flatfoot Sam has been dabbling in the intricacies of music production ever since taking an interest in the Dance music industry from 18 years old. He kicked off his career with the releases of a few vinyl bangers in the early ’90s, which cemented his place in the industry. As of right now, Flatfoot Sam is crushing 2021 as his release ‘Ven a Bailar’ has begun to turn heads in the industry. Flatfoot’s take on electronic dance music is a quirky and inimitable mix-up of Leftfield and Triphop that incorporates speaker-splitting beats paired with the juxtaposing serenity of and underlying calmness of nature. His style and productions always carry huge emotion considering he has always

Hailing from Norway, 22-year-old producer Facading has quickly risen to prominence in the dance music industry, specialising in midtempo electronic music that features dark electronic vibes with a modern twist driven from his influences. After a string of impressive releases that have distinguished his name like ‘You and Me’, ‘Crossed The Line’ and ‘Walk Away’, Facading is back with his brand new production ‘Freefalling’ which is another release chopped full of dizzying electronic swirls to top off his discography. Stay in the groove and be on the lookout in 2021 for more top-quality music from Facading.  Plunging us into a state of instantaneous

ASH HALO consists of two talented Canadian producers, Sara and Dave from Winnipeg, who met at a local studio in 2014. As the years progressed, their connection grew which brought about the formation of the iconic group at the beginning of 2020.  A lot of excitement is currently drummed up around the pair as they plan on dropping their brand-new double release on the well-respected imprint ‘Play Me Records’, a label that specialises in curating an array of ground-breaking releases and founded by artist and pioneer for women in EDM, Reid Speed. Both artists come from very distinguished backgrounds through their projects Akylla and VIKINGS, with over 40

Herbrido stands as a Techno DJ and Producer based in Stuttgart, Germany. Considering he started his career in 2019, Herbrido has encountered repeated success in a short period with his original and innovative twist on Techno which features Modern and Acid Techno features.  Things don’t fall short in terms of his talent for music production, which is evident through his latest release ‘Space Travel’, offering an eclectic mix of three brand new productions ‘Asteroid Belt’, ‘Beyond Planet Earth’ and ‘Robots on Acid’. With pre-established hits featuring well-known Producers in the underground Techno scene along the lines of Jens Mueller and

Marcel Warren is back with his brand-new release ‘Endgame’ with a featuring remix from Mon.Ton on Lakota Raw and it is definitely not one to miss. Marcel has always aspired to embody the special energy emanating from a crowd when they connect with the music on the dancefloor, with an unmatched talent and philosophy when it comes to his image and skills production skills. With an ever-growing discography of unmissable hits from Marcel, he has proved time and time again that he epitomizes his local Technoculture, as his talents have allowed him to distinguish his career in the dance music world. Marcel’s

ALWZ SNNY is continuing to own 2021 as he returns with his latest release ‘SNNYLAND’ following a chain of impressive releases earlier on this year. Joining him on this endeavour to push the boundaries of dance music is Marquette King, an athlete from Georgia, USA who has decided to branch out into the industry. ALWZ SNNY and Marquette King share a similar ambition, they both aspire to curate unique and fun music, Marquette is focused on blending the best of pop and hip hop with EDM and House music to bring about the genre of ‘Pop-Hop’. ALWZ SNNY ensures throughout his releases that he encapsulates the dualism of both Country Dance and Electropop to

Eager to keep himself at the front of the pack, GAR is back with a fresh remix of ‘In My Head’, a previous collaboration between NATHASSIA and D3FAI that took the scene by storm and ended up reaching #9 on the Beatport Big Room charts. GAR is currently held as one of India’s hottest Producers with over 6 accumulated years of impressive work. He has proved time and time again that he is a driving force to be reckoned with in the industry, specialising in genres like Trance, Minimal, and House, and is now back with his latest impressive rework.  GAR’s rework of the original flips

Jickow is back with a brand-new release on the DHB imprint, a consistent EP called ‘The Nemesis Of Love’ with featuring remixes from renowned producers like the German talent Mark De Pulse with over 400 releases spanning his career and Da Fresh hailing from France with accompanying iconic releases like ‘Goosebumps’ and ‘Aquila’. With an unstoppable work ethic backed by a string of impressive releases, Jickow is definitely cementing his place in the industry especially with this new release which would prove a shame to miss out on.  Jickow’s take on ‘The Nemesis Of Love kicks off with a clean, pulsing kick drum combined with sharp and punchy snares and

Naizon has seen bountiful success as a result of his hard work and determination to the art of production. As an artist who has dedicated himself to the genre of House and consistently releases top-notch tracks, DJ and Producer Naizon has rapidly matured into one of the most prolific names in the Tech House domain. With recent releases like ‘Dance It’, ‘My House’ and ‘Midnight’ spiking interest in the scene with heavyweight supports from the likes of Leandro Da Silva, Vessbroz, Kasa Remixoff and Kricked, there’s a growing buzz on the underground for Naizon’s sound. Naizon is returning with his release ‘Quarantine’ which will be premiering on ‘Gas Records’, a label with a vibrant range