Made in the UK and refined in Australia – Amod3us has had a busy growth spurt in recent months on the back of a steadily growing discography of releases that are exploring the depths of Tech and Progressive House –

  Toma Hawk is back with a brand-new collaboration with the elusive Dr Acid and by no means are they messing about! ‘Velvet’ is a serious Techno tune that has a complex drum-like rhythm and driving energy to ease the

Hungry Koala Records are already a firmly regular sight in the top 100 charts across the underground electronic music genres and their tough push into 2020 has seen that rapid growth continue on the back of a stellar line of

  Hungry Koala Records have earned a solid reputation over the last few years after an absolute barrage of quality House and Techno releases that have become a regular fixture in the dance charts around the world. No one more

Giangi Cappai’s 2018 Ogu Records release ‘Dust From The Moon’ is resurfacing for a 2020 redevelopment in the form of two new remixes of the record from two very reliable production sources. Giangi and Foby have gone back to the

25 years in the industry and Toma Hawk is still producing tracks that are absolutely of a gold-standard and this time he is armed with ‘The Watcher’. Starting off atmospheric, the intro mirrors a countdown that instantly starts to get

Alex Messina is back with a brand new track titled ‘The Light After Dark’. The Italian producer has culminated all of his childhood influences and idols such as Depeche Mode, Moby and Enigma and has used them to create this


Reflekt Records this month present a bold and upfront three-tracker EP that showcases a triple-threat of heavyweight production efforts from PATHIK – a producer who is starting to carve out a serious reputation as a reliable purveyor of quality underground-centric

We are currently in unprecedented times in a situation that would be rare to occur in any person’s lifetime. Life as we know it has changed forever due to the Coronavirus and to keep safe, we have been told to

DEVN6 has carved out a reputation over the last year or so as a prolific Producer and DJ more recently via the DevTrax Podcast series. Operating out of Zurich, she has quickly amassed respect amongst peers as a purveyor and