Jacob Colon’s upcoming release ‘Thunder’ is a seriously funky, tribalistic house track that will have you dancing along to the beat instantly. Giving off some real carnival vibes, the pumping bass resonates into your soul as the percussive drums dance

Bobby Shann’s long-awaited album ‘A New Power Awakens’ is out now in Shann Music and features a whopping 15 tracks all inspired by the Dragonball series and musical workings of Akira Toriyama. Bobby has set out to merge this niche

Miami DJ and producer DJ Huguito is set to release an absolute incredible House track that features a whole lot of soul with a groove that will be stuck in your head for days. ‘Tsunami’ kicks things off with a

Jacob Colon is back with another 2 exceptional editions of his Made 2 Move Radio Show. Having discovered the world of House music after attending the legendary club PACHA in NYC, Jacob was hooked and has been creating and DJ’ing

WNDR has teamed up with vocalist Samuel Eli to bring you a crazily cool brand-new single called ‘Hate Me’. Simple chords fill the track before catchy claps set the pace whilst building up the beat to a groove that makes

Facing forwards and backwards at the same time is a tricky production skill in House music. Those that know the roots of the genre well but also keep a close ear to the ground on modern movements and trends are

Jacob Colon is back with another jam-packed episode of his brand-new radio show ‘Made 2 Move’. Jacob was blessed with a natural ear for music as he taught himself piano, production and DJ’ing and with a deep understanding of the

Jacob Colon is back with yet another brand-new edition of his newest project ‘Made 2 Move’ Radio. Having launched just 3 weeks ago, the show is already drumming up attention as Jacob shows off his impeccable music taste and crisp

Young Saints have teamed up once again with the legendary vocalist that is Lenell Brown to deliver a brand new single titled ‘Wake Up’. Twinkly sounds introduce the track before Lenell takes centre stage as his voice dominates the track

Lenell Brown has teamed up once again with award-winning producers Ben Mühlethaler and James Hoover to deliver an outstanding tune titled ‘Don’t Waste It’ which features soulful grooves and all-round good vibes. The track exudes positivity with its easy to