Electro House

The Vessbroz and Mark Voss have a working relationship that churns out tunes likes a well-oiled machine with their previous hits dominating the charts. They have released on iconic labels such as Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, Blanco Y Negro and Future

‘Pill Of Love’ is a brand new, stunning collaboration between Ken Bauer and Sonny Bass. The gradual intro eases you in until haunting vocals that sit like butter over the airy chords. These two seasoned producers have hit the perfect

‘Hydra’ is the latest from UK Producer Avek, this Big Room track is hard-hitting and gritty with its relentless synths building the energy and getting your heart racing before the major drop hits which oozes festival vibes. Avek’s talents have

Alex Messina’s latest release ‘Start Again’ is a 90s inspired Ibiza track with deep arpeggios and dramatic synths that consumes you from the very first beat. As the track progressively builds, the main groove kicks in with its stomping basslines

  ALWZ SNNY’s brand new release ‘Love Revolution’ was born by the inspiration of Tomorrowland. Melancholic chords open the track whilst Jennifer Chatham’s voice sends tingles up your spine as its paired with cinematic bass. ‘Love Revolution’ continues to build

Clipper’s Sounds resident vocalist is back with a brand-new release called ‘We’ll Make It Through’. From the very first beat, Lenell Brown’s stunning vocals consume the track whilst the bright and cheerful music plays in the background. ‘We’ll Make It

The Vessbroz have been on the trajectory to stardom from their very first release, however their radio show is now catching up to the success of their productions as the month of April has seen some major guests join the

After the storming success of his last release ‘Hard Working’, Roberto Rodriguez is back with a brand-new single called ‘Space’. This hard-hitting party tune will have you up on your feet dancing with its fun horn-inspired melody that becomes a

Armia and Arsham are back with a brand-new track, once again showing off their incredible skills by remixing Chris Willis’s tune ‘Warriors Of The Night’. Starting the track off much more subdued your ears are filled with a melodic piano

  Run out of things to do in quarantine? Well, the Vessbroz have just the thing as all 4 of the March edition of their radio show ElectroVessel are now available to listen to. Dedicated to showcasing the very best