Cyazon unveils a new mid-tempo track titled ‘Virtual Spirit’, following the back to back releases of his tracks ‘Tech’, ’The Future’ and ‘Digital Fractals’ in previous months; the talented Producer is back with another hard-hitting production that showcases his skills

Cyazon is back with another hard-hitting production.  The DJ and music producer is ready to present his latest production, ‘Digital Fractals’, a Dubstep anthem that displays his unmissable sound and style.  His captivating music that has already reached listeners all

SpekrFreks release their take on Melleefresh & Billy Newton-Davis’ hit track ‘Candy’ via Play Records.  After being 13 years in the vault, Play Records introduces a tasteful version of ‘Candy’ by the San Franciscan duo SpekrFreks. Known for their special

Cyazon is here with a new exciting release titled ’The Future’.  A refreshed and powerful Cyazon unleashes his latest Dubstep hit that’s ready to top the charts and reach new milestones for the talented DJ.  Following the release of his

Cyazon is back with yet another powerful banger titled ‘Tech’. The DJ and music producer known for his signature style and impressive sound that blends a cyberpunk aesthetic and the sounds of genres like Dubstep or Electro-House with a futuristic

In recent times, Cyazon has pushed through the boundaries of conventional music where he takes listeners on a journey through time, chaos and self-discovery through his own inimitable discretion of what the future sounds like; a mixture between Synthwave and

Locknar’s latest tune ‘Filler’ is a celebration of dubstep as the fast-tempoed tune will have you dancing from the moment you press play. A stripped back melody eases you in before the dramatic rise in intensity and mind-blowing dubstep beat