Terry McLove has been on a rapid progression over the last 18 months on the back of a stream of heavyweight releases under the wing of Moti and on his emerging label Zero Cool. Picking up a steady line of support from the likes of Sam Feldt and other major players, he now turns to the latest release ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’ which fuses his tight production skills with the powerful vocal talents of Polina Grace. ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’ is a vibrant and uplifting summer anthem than shines bright with a menagerie of beautiful melodic production skills and a

Techno sensation Toma Hawk is back with his brand-new track ‘Destination Zero’. Kicking things off at a heart-pumping pace the track gets progressively darker and really getting into the nitty-gritty of the soul of Techno. Each different layer of the production comes together to take you on a journey through this 10-minute track and makes you lose yourself within the perfectly put together beats.   Toma Hawk switches things up throughout the track with a more robotic feel towards the middle before embarking on a dramatic synth-filled build up where the intensity reaches its climax as the drop hits you

‘Pill Of Love’ is a brand new, stunning collaboration between Ken Bauer and Sonny Bass. The gradual intro eases you in until haunting vocals that sit like butter over the airy chords. These two seasoned producers have hit the perfect balance between chilled and dance, giving off major good vibes which is exactly what the world needs right now.   Featuring dazzling synths and insatiable melody lines, ‘Pill Of Love’ set to be a sure hit capable of dominating the dance scene. The bouncing bass and careful instrumentation put you in a state of euphoria with the easy-to-follow lyrics having

Joe Hawes is back for another episode of his much-loved radio show ‘Coffee House Radio’ and it is bigger than ever! Bringing you the very best dance-tunes the scene has to offer, you can sink your teeth into the brilliantly mixed show to get you through the week. Expect to hear music such as Madison Mars’ ‘Let You Know’, Jace Meks sensational ‘Bring It Back’ and the huge Tiësto track featuring 433 ‘Tomorrow’.   Joe’s talents are a product of hard work and dedication as he has been wrapped up in the music scene for over 10 years perfecting his

Bobby Shann’s ‘Tournament of Power is a transcendent deep house track that will take you into a state of pure bliss. Kicking off with a standard bassline, the producer sprinkles a funkier groove before pairing with chords that are decadent and dreamy, becoming a staple in the tune.   The melodic elements on both the bassline and top line of ‘Tournament of Power’ sit like a symphony in your ears and providing an uber-cool vibe that is upbeat and fun yet mysterious in the same way. Inspired by the Dragonball Super Franchise, this is a teaser release to his pending

The ever-glowing ray of sunshine in the EDM scene is back with a brand-new EP titled ‘Still Wait 4U’. Getting things going with high-pitch vocals and a melodic piano solo, emotional lyrics are then sung by a soothing, velvety voice. ALWZ SNNY begins to build the music up to the title track, adding synth by synth before the drop kicks in and switches up the vibe to a totally new level. Full of emotion yet light and airy and perfect to dance to.   The second tune on this EP is called ‘Show You How It’s Done’ which includes forceful

The Vessbroz have teamed up with Rieck and Winick for a flawless delivery of what could potentially be a song that claims the titled of ‘dance anthem of the summer’. There are beaming vibes all round with their newest fun-filled hit ‘Let Me In Tonight’. Commencing the tune with chilled out guitar melodies, Kristina R’s striking vocals fill the music singing profound lyrics that tell an enticing story.   The Vessbroz brothers, Armia and Arsham have shown through their discography that they can consistently master a myriad of genres. Their originality and constant drive for creativity has put them on

After gaining support from Cristoph (Pryda Presents), Entel returns with “Back To Me”. Entel is a Progressive House Producer & DJ from Columbus, Ohio. Out now via the “Artist Intelligence Agency” is his new Progressive House track entitled, “Back To Me”. ​“Sometimes the past reminds us of emotional experiences we would like to forget. ‘Back To me’ is a reminder we can comfortably leave trauma in the past. Move forward with a smile, dancing in a new melodic memory for tomorrow”- Entel. ​With a focus on emotional and melodic music that pulls it’s listener in, Entel’s goal is to create

With more and more producers taking full advantage of the current lockdown, the past couple of months have been seeing some exceptional new music being released and the month of June is no exception. As always you can rely on Armia and Arsham to select the hottest tracks on their radio show ElectroVessel delivering out of this world mixes week by week. As the week progress, they are welcoming astronomical guests who take over from the Vessbroz and show you what they have to offer.   The month of June has played home to the mixes of the likes of

  Giving a gratified tip of the cap to one of the grandfathers of Disco – ‘Mamita’ is a main-room slammer that fosters dreams of those summer afternoons on the dancefloor with the cocktails flowing and the sun licking our faces. Launching straight into action with a hammerhead kickdrum that ripples with subtle distortion, we’re quickly enraptured by that hypnotic arpeggio which you could listen to for hours without ever getting fatigued. The breaks let off the first glimpses of Melleefresh as she whips out a devious flurry of sensual phrases before we’re hit with a crescendo that peaks when