Los Angeles based producer J-ROB MD has teamed up with the well-established Stockholm producer Ken Bauer, and the results are just pure magic. The two guys established a deep connection in the studio which lead to this future-house dance floor friendly track tune titled ‘Feels Just Right’. This tune features emotive vocals, booming pianos, and soaring arpeggiated leads that are sure to have the club ‘feeling just right’.   This stand-out collaboration has put the cherry on the top of what has been an incredible year for Ken Bauer. After releasing hits such as ‘Revolver’, ‘Plastic Love’ and more recently

You may know the Vessbroz from releases such as ‘Follow Me’, ‘Losing Control’ and ‘Walking In Grace’ but their love for music doesn’t stop with producing, along with touring the world as award-winning DJ’s they also put together a weekly radio show called ‘ElectroVessel’ showcasing the hottest new music the scene has to offer.   ElectroVessel gains loyal followers with every mix and it shows as the podcast has charted 3rd in the Mixcloud Global Big Room Chart and 40th in the Global EDM Chart. The Vessbroz invite their favourite DJ’s and producers to join them on the show for

As a new month begins, it marks the final instalment of Mateo Paz’s ‘Gain’ broadcasts for November. Showcasing the very best releases, remixes and labels in the Prog scene each week, Mateo has now reached the impressive milestone of his 190th episode. ‘Gain’ has been a labour of love for the past 4 years with Mateo wanting to share his love for music with the world.   With tons of unreleased premiers, fan favourites and all-time classics there is something for everyone on Mateo’s show. Over the 4 November shows you can find music such as PRAANA & Dezza’s ‘Mirrors’,

Following a streak of top-notch releases, Ken Bauer delivers once again with his latest remix of Max Fail & Jonathan Wagner’s ‘Alone’ released on Future House Cloud.   This remix blends the original vocals of ‘Alone’ with Ken Bauer’s signature sound, whilst featuring blissful and melodic arps in the intro and breakdowns, powerful build-ups followed by a characteristic and effective Future House drop. Ken Bauer is back again and this one is set to make big waves.   Typically, genre-fluid, Ken Bauer uses his influences to perfectly blend together Big Room, Electro and Future House sounds together with a subtle

Acer Vantes has a reputation for gluing together the beautiful and the demonic sides of electronic music to create his own Frankenstein explorations of sound and bass. Location 50+1, his packaged creative endeavours of 2019 showcases that with epic results. Kickstarting this four-tracker EP is ‘Genesis’ which unleashes supercharged retro-power-leads into a flurry of arpeggiators that push into a frenzy before being swiped out from underneath your feet into a mechanically crafted bass drop that combines articulate LFO work with devastating sub frequencies. Flicking between epic melodic content and neck-snapping bass impacts, Acer sets the tone for the EP to

Canadian production-whizz Eddie Edwardson, better known by his Ed.E moniker has been rumbling on the underground for a while now with a steady stream of sturdy productions that have passed through a number of emerging labels and quality imprints. His refined sound this month passes through 3xA Music for the release of the two-tracker EP ‘Prophecy’ in which Ed.E puts a stamp on the backend of 2019 in his usual fine form. Kicking off the EP is ‘Outrageous’, a 122BPM sub bass showcase that harks back to classic Minimal percussive tendencies with a thunderous low end power surge that derives

Different Measure delivers ‘Set Me Free’ onto his own Different Matter imprint for a winter release that backs up a busy 2019 for this rising production talent. Operating out of the UK with a focus on quality electronic music – both label and artist are on the tracks to growth in the near future and releases like this will only help that effort. ‘Set Me Free’ kicks off with rapid-fire hi-hats and thudding kick drums that lead the line over sultry vocal lines and bouncing bass synth melodies that are teased with filter modulation into the breaks before smoothly rolling

‘Recursion’ is a special release that combines the guitar skills and House style of Routine Espresso boss At Dawn with the 80’s leaning style of Johnatron. The release is the 15th official release by label Routine Espresso Recordings and breaks away from the music they normally release into a new and exciting territory. Kicking off with crackling vinyl FX to set the tone, ‘Recursion’ swells with a hypnotic and analogue-inspired compilation of beautifully flowing arpeggiators and bass that holds the timing for the steady drum groove. The variety comes in the shape of the sultry vocal which has been beautifully

New Delhi duo BlareMob are back with their latest release ‘Hold Me’. This Electro-House anthem starts off with a groove that instantly takes charge with its funky bassline and bright electronica style synth melodies. You are then introduced to a silky female vocal that sings catchy verses over the beat that you can’t help but sing along to.   ‘Hold Me’ offers great detail and depth as the complex layers of instrumentation form together to produce this incredible track. BlareMob has managed to produce a tune that feels familiar but is completely unique. A perfect piece of music for a

We Are The Lords have finally released their next highly anticipated single with Maurizio Patti and Danny C. Tone’s record label Big Mamas House Records. Romaan and Tony Cortez have truly outdone themselves with their latest production as ‘Groovy Jacket’ captures that old school House vibe perfectly with pure originality.   A catchy bassline and subtle kicks start off the track before a soulful repetitive vocal enters the groove. The classic House piano chords really add to the funkiness of the track before the breakdown drops the energy levels, showing off The Lords flair for production as the detailing in