Tsunano drops his brand-new solo release ‘Educational’ and it certainly does not disappoint. With a cool and funky groove keeping the pace, Tsunano sets the tone with his silky voice and admirable falsetto range as he really gets into that early-Kaytranada vibe.   Tsunano has previously worked with the Parisian Bass King, Azar, Yellow Claw, and Cesqueax and has impressed international audiences at events and festivals in China & beyond such as Storm Festival and Amsterdam Dance Event. Along with brushing shoulders with some of dance music’s finest, Tsunano has also made quite a name for himself in the

Barcelona has become a hotbed for some of the best underground House & Techno artists, labels, brands and parties in recent years and 2019 has been no different with another name on the scene bubbling up on the dancefloors – Rubén de Madame. His brand of deep, hypnotic and often pounding productions have captured the attention and support of some of the world’s most discerning purveyors of quality and energetic electronic music. Rubén’s ‘Fuck Police’ delivers a political message, delivered in the way he knows best – through slamming drum kits, chest-rattling bass and hyperactive rhythms that are tailor made

Rotem Doron, better known to us as While True has been bubbling on the underground of the electronic music world since 2003 with his exotic brand of often-melodic and well-textured Techno beats which are capturing the attention of an international reach of peers and listeners alike. Operating out of Tel Aviv where a steady appetite for Techno and quality electronic music has given light to a steady stream of artists, DJs and labels in recent years, a stream that While True is very much a part of as we move into the new decade. The two-tracker EP kicks off with

Naizon is back with a brand-new hit called ‘My House’, taking overall inspiration from the Chicago House original ‘My House’ by Rhythm Control. With a choppy, industrial feel to the music, Naizon pays homage to Chuck Robert’s iconic mesmerising speech ‘In the beginning, there was Jack…’ standing strong over the beat and drawing you in.   Carefully balancing on the line of Deep and Tech House, Naizon flaunts his talents for production as ‘My House’ garners and infectious groove, keeping the energy high whilst contrasting with the slower tempo of the track. Bouncing and gritty best describe the musicality of

Clipper’s Sounds very own resident vocalist Lenell Brown kicks off the new year with a brand new single titled ‘One Day’. Instantly giving off good vibes from the moment you press play, ‘One Day’ is a melodic, upbeat banger that transports you to warm summer evenings.   Lenell has truly excelled himself with this release. The lyrical content is emotive yet seriously catchy, his voice is complemented by the bouncing groove of the song adding to the positive impact this piece of music has on its listener. ‘One Day’ shows off Lenell’s vocal range perfectly as he surprises you with

ElectroVessel is always guaranteed to bring you the very best new tunes in the EDM scene as it is curated by The Vessbroz, who are renowned for their top-notch productions and perfectly mixed, high energy DJ sets. Each week they invite some of their favourite artists to join them for a half-hour guest mix, so you can expect to hear something fresh with every show. December saw Armia and Arsham welcome Kueymo & Sushi Boy, Pangea, Unity Brothers and for their special Christmas edition they are joined by BSNO.   The Vessbroz are working extremely hard to solidify their place

Teamwork makes the dream work and that’s certainly the case with this 4-producer collaboration between EDM duos the Lyonbrotherz and Natixx. ‘Different Ways’ is a bright and upbeat tune that instantly gives off good vibes. They guys cleverly use ‘classic’ instrumentation blended with the iconic characteristics of EDM to produce an iconic sound.   Deep and mysterious vocals fill the track, adding to the atmosphere before the energy raising drop kicks in guaranteeing to enhance the loss of inhibitions with arms firmly in the air, dancing to the beat. The merging of energy between the two duos has proven to

Haven’t been keeping up to date with the music that came out in December? Well, don’t you worry as you can always count on Mateo Paz to bring you the very best in Progressive House all in one handy one-hour show. Having been doing his show for nearly 4 years now, Mateo meticulously combs through new, old and unreleased tracks to ensure that he is one of the leading shows for those keen progressive House heads.   The 5 weekly shows over the month of December features music from the likes of Gonza Rodriguez with ‘The call’, Marco Caetano with

Mizz Martinez, formerly known throughout the dance music world as Eva Martinez, one of the voices behind some of Fragma’s famous classic tracks is a reimagined and reinvigorated version of herself now fully hands on into the production process as she delves into more underground-centric House and Techno, the most recent output being ‘Tantric Tech’ – which arrives this month on her own Sola Music label. ‘Tantric Tech’ serves up a cocktail of blissful gliding string plucks that deliver the listener to a mesmerising crescendo of aural splendour, leaving us in a dreamlike state of hypnosis. In the extended format

Atlanta DJ and Producer Pengwin is back with a brand new melodic and groovy release titled ‘Never’. The track features bright and upbeat piano chords following a gradual build-up that leads to the one and only Kenny Brock and his ever so silky vocals. Pengwin has a talent for producing music that ingrains itself into your brain as his chorus in ‘Never’ is insanely catchy and will have you singing along in no time.   The drop-in ‘Never’ is synth-heavy with Kenny showing off his stunning falsetto range as it dances across the beat, working together in harmony. The key