Tech House rising star Jaksan is back with a huge EP called Dance Alarm. The title track ‘Dance Alarm’ has an infectious beat from the get-go, the deep repetitive vocal chanting ‘wake up’ grips you as the melody is a clever adaptation of an alarm. There is a very robotic feel to this production and of course, features lots of Jaksans signature sound effects.   The second production on this EP is called ‘Lit and Dirty’ and it does exactly what it says on the tin! Which a much choppier rhythm, ‘Lit and Dirty’ has a groove that is completely

Mateo Paz has dropped a stomper of a track as he takes on Kleinsky’s brand new release called ‘Remember’. Starting off with a classic kick intro the haunting synths tease the track before being met with gritty synths and arpeggios. Hints of the melody jump in and out of the track as it coolly slips into an atmospheric breakdown with deep elongated bass lines and reverbed riffs.   The adrenaline-inducing build-up takes you into a big drop that is certain to send clubs wild. Kleinsky’s ‘Remember’ comes with two other remixes by Italian DJ and Producer Christian Monique and Deep

The Vessbroz are back with their June edition of ElectroVessel, 4 one-hour-long mixes full of the hottest EDM releases around. June’s ElectroVessel included some extraordinary guests such as Etch, Lex Green and Bundarr, all of which have brought their own signature style to the mix so you can guarantee each edition of the show will introduce you to some brand new beats.   The Vessbroz are one of the hardest working duos in the industry, in just 4 years they have achieved releases with Sony Records, a 7 week long US Billboard top 40 hit, top-charting releases on both Italy’s

Its that time of year again when CLIPPER’S SOUNDS put together some of the hottest releases around to create a stunning compilation album, this time its full of the soundtracks to your summer. CLIPPER’S SOUNDS is one of the most prestigious dance music labels in Spain and is home to artists such as RVBN, Frank Garcia and The Zombie Kids.   Dance Floor Summer Hits 2019 has a mixture of both CLIPPER’S SOUNDS top label releases and those released by other artists. You can find music such as Fisher’s ‘Losing It’, Meduza and Goodboys ‘A Piece Of Your Heart’, Anton

Jens Mueller is an artist who lives and breathes all things music, not only does he produce stomping Techno beats but he also runs 2 successful dance labels; Sound Kleckse Records and Techno Pressure Records. Jens has also been working his magic behind the decks since 1994 so its only right that he shares his impeccable music taste with the rest of the world. Sound Kleckse Radio came from humble beginnings where it then progressed into a staple radio show for 6 different stations and eventually Sound Kleckse Records was born.   If you haven’t tuned in this month, do

Get ready for a serious instalment of some incredible Progressive House music from some of the hottest talent around in the industry. Over the month of June Mateo Paz has put together 5 editions of his Gain radio show ranging from episodes #165 to #169.   You can reflect back on June’s releases from artists such as Khetoui and his track ‘Robot Meditation’, Alexander Konings take on Jaydee’s ‘Say You Wanna Love Me’, DJ Nanni’s huge tune ‘Mentality’ on Big Area Records and Jordi Iven, Victor Lanman and Duddha’s collaboration ‘Warrior’. Each one of these shows can be found on

ENTT are a three-piece Alternative Dance Band from London who formed back in 2017. Made up of three members who collectively have over 10 years worth of experience in the music industry, they have an extremely extensive skill range of guitar, piano, vocals and production. ENTT’s style is best described as a combination of alternative and electronic. With influences ranging from modern electronic artists to alternative two, three- and four-piece London based bands, the UK collective love to experiment within their genre. Researching and working ideas previously thought to be untouchable and unworkable.   Their latest single titled ‘Mumbai’ is

German Techno star Jens Mueller is back with a brand new 2-track EP titled 18XK01. The title song of this EP is what all Techno tracks should be, high tempo, dark and industrial. This heavy-duty club tune has lots of eerie sound effects and a repetitive melody that lingers in the brain before the Techno-y goodness kicks back in.   18XL02 is another dark, high tempo production but this one offers much more of a beat shift creating lots of small productions into one big tune. Jens has cleverly arranged for different elements to drop in and out whilst keeping

Allen Wish and Lev Akro have joined forces to create a superb summer hit called ‘Into Your Arms’. Bright and uplifting, this song is the epitome of truly great EDM Pop songs. By their usage of soft, stunning vocals that tell a story of a tested relationship, ‘Into Your Arms’ is not only relatable but easy to start singing along to. The musicality of ‘Into Your Arms’ is soothing yet full of clever little production touches that truly makes this a special track. The chorus then goes into more of a choppy synth style that ramps up the pace a

The Vessbroz have paired up with two talented up and coming producers, Matt Alvarez and Rawjaw to deliver you their latest single ‘Alarm’. From the moment you press play you are bombarded with hard hitting synths and a hair-raising building up. A mixture of melodies, synths and bass all work together to create a classic festival track full of EDM goodness.   ‘Alarm’ goes through a variety of sections including a melodic mid-section that could be compared to the catchy melody lines of Avicii before resorting back to the heavy dance vibes. If you are yet to hear of rising