Jacob Colon dedicates himself to creating unique, funk-filled House tracks that are guaranteed to get his fans grooving along. Having built up his following over the last few years, Jacob has become an artist to watch after reaching multiple charts #1 positions and releasing on highly regarded record labels such as Nervous Records and Crystal Water’s ‘I Am House’.   This year alone Jacob has been responsible for incredible tracks such as ‘Thunder’, ‘Bliss’ and ‘I Want My House Music’. Driven by his need to make amazing music, Jacob continues to deliver a catalogue of music filled with his unique

Toma Hawk has built quite the reputation for his clear-cut productions and catchy Techno beats. He has been responsible for some exceptional tunes and even heads up his own label ‘Lakota’ which is the home to several sub-labels too. To show off his impeccable ear for music and DJ skills, Toma Hawk created yet another string to the Lakota brand bow with this Lakota Radio Show.   Now up to its 30th episode, Toma Hawk welcomes a collection of highly regarded artists and friends to join him in providing an exclusive guest mix for the show. September sees Chris Veron

The Vessbroz are back with a brand-new single called ‘Parachute’. Featuring the vocal stylings of Damian Pipes who has is known for his work with electronic artists from all over the globe, providing catchy melodic hooks and emotive vocals, Damian takes centre stage as he sings catchy lyrics that will have you singing along instantly.   The music itself is percussive with an infectious groove that continues to build its intensity, right up until the track reaches its peak where you are met with a high-energy synth-led drop. The highs and lows within the music keep you hooked on what

Gritty and forceful from the moment you press play, Lorely Mur’s Brain Drain Daydreamer is a Techno track that does exactly what it says on the tin with its slightly chaotic feel and outstanding beats that would certainly not be out of place on major festival and club stages. Featuring strange percussive elements and haunting vocals, Lorely builds up the track piece by piece to create a vibe that is totally unmatchable.   Showing off her exceptional kills, Lorely strips the track to its bare bones mid-way through, teasing a drop and generating an intense atmosphere throughout before really kicking

Save As has released an incredible Tech House tune called ‘Down & Around’ as a part of Bunny Tiger Dubs Summer Sampler Volume 3 album. With a catchy 4 to the floor beat, Save As gradually works in signature elements piece by piece with a funky bassline sitting subtly underneath the music which gradually becomes a staple in the tracks allure.   Sultry vocals flirt with the track before finally making an appearance singing catchy lyrics and melody lines. The track embarks on a build-up that slowly but surely raises the excitement bar after bar before unleashing a true party

Jacob Colon has been showcasing his talents with recent releases such as ‘Poetic Justice’ and ‘Bliss’ along with ‘I Want My House Music’ on Crystal Waters’ I Am House Music Records. He is back with a brand new Afro House tune called Thunder that has been widely received across the scene so we caught up with Jacob to find out more about the release.   Talk us through the inspiration behind ‘Thunder’? As usual, I always spend some time on my drums first to build the foundation and rhythm of the song. There was no direct inspiration behind this track,

Swedish dance phenomenon Ken Bauer has returned to release a brand-new tune that is a fusion of Slap and Future House called ‘Lone’. With some impressive support behind the track just 2 weeks after release, ‘Lone’ is set to be one of Ken’s biggest hits yet. We caught up with Ken to discuss more about the process behind the tune.   Talk us through the story behind ‘Lone’? This is basically a follow up to my previous track “Pill of Love” released together with Sonny Bass. I have been listening to a lot to Slap House lately and have a

Znas is a chameleon when it comes to creating exceptional tracks in a variety of genres. His latest release ‘Crush!’ is a Psy-Trance and Progressive tune that features uplifting synths and a bright melody that instantly provides those good vibes. The driving bassline keep the party moving before a build in the track generates excitement for a drop but Znas has other ideas as the music completely cuts out into an entirely new and enticing section of music.   ‘Crush!’ finally reaches its peak before a synthy, atmospheric drop kicks in. Znas has incorporated opposite elements that are entirely unique

Victor Porfidio released ‘To My Heart’ back in May of this year where the track was a feel-good summer tune but with RMA on remix duties the hit has turned into a deep House tune with an anthem status and holds the potential to be a firm favourite across the board. Taylor Daynes’ 1987 tune ‘Tell It To My Heart’ lyrics are the main staple throughout the track which will have you singing along instantly.   Arpeggios fill the beat with high pitch piano stabs that generates an excitement whilst the track builds to a catchy drop that forces you

Australian star on the rise Mike Bello has just released his brand new single ‘Plug’ where he flaunts his production skills with insane elements and an incomparable vibe. ‘Plug’ starts off teasing snippets of intensity before high pitched and erratic arpeggios consume the track. As the vocals become choppier the magnitude of the track relentlessly builds until you are met with the ultimate high energy drop.   The drop is busy with instrumentation, a tsunami of percussion and a wealth of synths that make you want to go wild on the dancefloor. Each element is intricately placed in order to