Italian DJ and Producer Alex Messina is an artist who holds a passion for a huge range of genres and styles, which can be heard within his productions. Originally, Alex fell in love with playing the guitar at the end of 10 years old and went on to study the art form classically. Based on his musical background and influences, Alex draws inspiration from the likes of Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, and Enigma.   Alex’s latest release ‘My Self’ uses his wealth of experience to deliver an enchanting tune that explores the depths of Trance, Techno and Progressive. Deep and

Samurai’s ‘Nightmare’ is the Bass House tune that you didn’t know you needed in your life. Deep and mysterious vocals take charge over the top of arpeggiated melodies whilst the tempo gets you moving instantly. You are met with an insane, hair-raising drop that’s bursting with robotic elements; gritty synths and complex drum patterns.   ‘Nightmare’ ebbs and flows intricately, keeping the audience’s attention the whole way throughout the release and leaving them wanting more. ‘Nightmare’ is bound to cause havoc in nightclubs everywhere.   Samurai is a 20-year-old producer from China whose passion for music exudes him. His latest

There is no time for introductions with ‘Diamond’ as the beat takes charge from the moment you press play and leads you into spine-tingling falsetto vocal and lyrics you will be singing for days.   Synthy, almost ‘rewind’ type sounds overlap a bright yet mysterious chord progression whilst a dirty, elongated bassline fills the low end of the production. The slower styling of ‘Diamond’ gets you vibing along in no time as this R&B crossed EDM tune hits in all the right places.   Made up of childhood friends Keshav Bhardwaj, otherwise known as Klipr and Himanshu Chhabra, BlareMob use

Romaan is back with something slightly different to what we’re used to hearing from the French DJ and Producer. His latest release ‘Opale’ can best be described as an abstract take on House music, carefully mixing elements of Deep and Progressive to provide you with a perfect chilled tune with an extra bit of ‘oomph’.   ‘Opale’ begins atmospheric and stripped back before faced with a pounding bassline that makes a huge statement. The musical elements of ‘Opale’ gradually fit together like a jigsaw as a stunning, emotive chord progression fills the background whilst Spanish inspired melodies dance over the

If you’re looking to get your fix of the hottest Progressive House then look no further than Mateo Paz’s ‘Gain’ radio show.   August’s series of Gain includes episodes 174 through to 177 and features some truly epic tracks such as Doze’s ‘Dog Sleeping’, Elska’s ‘Mr Violet’ and Sam Heyman’s version of East Café’s ‘Being Kind Is Overrated’. Delving deep into the realms of new and old releases Mateo also showcases some incredible record labels that represent these melodic masterpieces such as Recovery Collective, Enhanced Recordings, Beat Boutique and Superordinate Music.   Mateo is currently in the process of creating

If you’re looking for a selection of brand new music to sink your teeth into then look no further than the Vessbroz’ August edition of their ever-growing radio show ‘ElectroVessel’.   Brothers Armia and Arsham are best known for their quirky, hard-hitting style of productions that range between deep house tunes to wild dance floor grooves. Some of their most known releases include ‘Walking In Grace’, ‘Alarm’ and ‘Somebody’. Each week they enlist the help of some of their favourite up and coming artists to create an exclusive mix for ElectroVessel.   In August, the Vessbroz welcome artists such as

From the moment you press play, you are met with an incredibly beefy Tech House groove that will blow your socks off. Jaksan and KIVI’s latest release ‘Let’s Get It’ is armed with an insane drop that takes the production to a whole new level, beautifully paired with an all-encompassing bassline and the phrase ‘Let’s Get It’ on repeat.   After slowing things down mid-track, the breakdown gently builds bit-by-bit, adding different elements and increasing your heart rate before unleashing the drop for a second time. ‘Let’s Get It’ is 6 minutes of pure, unadulterated rhythms that are guaranteed to

One of the freshest electronic talents to come out of New Delhi, Klipr is stunning audiences across the globe with his unique and incredibly detailed self-taught production skills. With a passion for music and a fierce drive to succeed, Klipr uses his eclectic taste in music and hours of hard graft to set him a cut above the rest.   Klipr’s latest release ‘Running Back’ can be described best as a show-stopping Electro-Pop Anthem. It features phenomenal lyrics and a soulful vocal that hits straight at the heart, making this a tune to sing at the top of your lungs.

Mateo Paz teams up with Jacob Gurevitsch this month to unload their Flamenco-infused collaboration that reworks the legendry Balearic vibes from a sultry Spanish guitar opus from Jacob Gurevitsch, heavily merged into dance-floor driven mid 120s BPM workout. The organic splashes of acoustic guitar slides, squeaks and reverberated strums get a heavy electronic FX makeover to provide a perfect backdrop to the Deep & Progressive House elements to concoct this tasty dance starter. For Mateo, it’s another string to his production bow on the back of a turbo-charged first half of 2019 that has seen him unload a heavyweight flurry

Russian DJ and producer, Ernest Kalinin takes us on a thrilling journey with ‘Mara’, an intense yet intimate mini-album released on Australian label, Brook Gee Records. This 5-track album can only be described as an eclectic selection of productions that range from acidic inspired, party-starting Deep and Tech House to atmospheric beats to tunes that are paired perfectly with a Mediterranean sunset.   Tracklist: Mara Crazy Of Tomorrow Wanna Feel You High Balanced Sublimation   Ernest’s music career as a DJ began not so long ago, but he has already become a favourite for many clubs, record labels and music