Masters of electronic dance music, Vessbroz are back with a brand new tune called ‘Somebody’ featuring vocals from Clara & Ika. Staying true to their signature sound – hard-hitting and quirky – the boys have hit the nail on the head with this one. Clara & Ika’s silky exotic vocals fill the track, singing heartfelt yet catchy lyrics whilst a subtle kicks and melodies dance in the background.   Once the instrumental has fully kicked in there is a funky, electronica vibe that feature electronic guitars to enhance the melodic elements and the choppiness of the track as a whole

MunchKing is back with a huge new high-energy tune called ‘Turn The Bass Up’. Beginning with an eerie introduction of arpeggios and floaty synths, excitement starts as the drums kick in all before the track chews you up and spits you out forcing you to dance along to the beat and pull a stinking bass face. The eeriness theme of the tune is kept throughout by the usage of a ‘Halloween’ style melody, the multitude of added layers and effects take ‘Turn The Bass Up’ to brand new levels. This Trap inspired Dub-Step is sending a buzz around the scene.

Miami’s very own UNOMAS and Dave Sol have joined forces to deliver a classic House tune that will take this summer’s festivals by storm. ‘Take You Down’ kicks off with a strong and sassy female vocal with lyrics that become ingrained into the brain after just one listen. The bass ridden groove provides the perfect backbeat to really showcase the lyrics of ‘Take You Down’. As the song progresses UNOMAS and Dave Sol’s use of bright synths prepare the listener for a drop that consists of insanely infectious beats, a perfect blend of complex percussion and punchy synth melodies.  

The Lyonbrotherz are back with their second collaboration with Greenskiez and it’s a big one! Their latest single ‘Hit The Floor’ features an intro of vocal samples and thumping bass before heart-raising synths kick in and leading up to a spine-tingling build up. ‘Hit The Floor’ then drags you in to an EDM crossed House groove with prominent bass lines and tasty sound effects.   The Lyonbrotherz go back to their hip-hop roots with the half-time breakdown which gives ‘Hit The Floor’ a very urban vibe, this track features many twists and turns and makes it the perfect track for

DJ and Producer Trst is back with a stomping remix of the 2002 classic hit, Khia’s ‘My Neck, My Back’. He has transformed the track musically into one that branches across a multitude of genres, all working together in harmony to blow the roof off of any venue it gets played in.   Dark synths dance behind the verses whilst a swarming-like effect prepares you for when the beat drops. Once again, the production kicks it up a pace by offering a Dubstep inspired drop with gritty synths and melodic chord progressions, enough to make any audience go wild. As

Mateo Paz’s most recent Gain broadcast is now available to listen to and this week it is full of some incredible music from some of the most talented rising star producers. The 160th edition of Gain features music from the likes of Sebee with his tune ‘We Spoke’, Facundo Mohrr’s ‘Mandancer’, Noequalgod’s ‘Lighthouse of Alexandra’, before closing this week’s show with Luman’s ‘Cascadas’. Mateo Paz’s Gain has been a labour of love for the last 3 years and has now turned into a platform for tastemakers who love all things Progressive. You can catch new episodes of Gain on Mixcloud

Polish Progressive House producer Mateo Paz is back for another week of the best tunes in the industry featuring music such as Russlan Jaafreh’s ‘Ellipsoid’, Alexey Union’s ‘Mgla’, Luigi Gori and Larsun Hesh’s stunning collab ‘Blow Of The Synth’ before closing the podcast with Ewan Rill’s remix of Kade B & Les Insoumises’s ‘Shamanism’.   As always you can find new edition of Mateo’s Gain podcast each week on all online platforms every Sunday. Follow the links below to keep up to date with Mateo Paz.   Mateo Paz Online   Listen to Gain #159

Mateo Paz’s radio show is armed with tons of bangers this week as Gain #158 includes music from the likes of Scar L’s ‘Last Local’, Gonzalo Sacc’s ‘Deep Garnet’ and Starkato’s remix of Luigi Gori & Frankye Lova’s ‘Racy’. Mateo pours his heart, soul and years of musical knowledge into each and every Gain broadcast and it shows as listeners are increasing week by week.   Both of Mateo’s releases ‘Mine Alone’ and ‘Looking For Sunlight’ were released to critical acclaim and big support from fellow artists. Mateo is not only a producer, his DJ’ing has always been a big

Blank Page is back with a stunning high-energy track that begins with powerful vocal calls before the driving bassline kicks in. Blank Page has created layers upon layers of Progressive goodness with an uplifting chord progression. The multitude of elements in ‘Imolora’ consume you as you listen and take you on a 7-minute journey of ups and downs, atmospheric sounds and beautiful melodies.   Drawing influences from the early Swedish House scene and more recently UK dance music; Greg looks up to the likes of Eric Prydz, Deadmau5, Mark Knight, Dusky, Lane 8 and more.   Blank Page makes music

Adding to their ever-growing catalogue of hit tunes, US are back with a 6-track album titled ‘20US’. The album includes their huge 2018 collaboration with Tyranix ‘Turn Back Time’, along with 2 other collaborations with the talented Janetta and AMG.   Some stand out songs on this EP includes ‘Kids’, a hard-hitting, high-energy EDM piece, reminiscing about adolescence. This one is guaranteed to be huge in clubs and festivals. ‘Break Of Dawn’ provides synths galore and catchy melodies and gives off a slight 80’s video game vibe. Lastly there’s ‘Scenario’, a percussive and melodic tune with stripped back verses and