The Vessbroz have paired up with two talented up and coming producers, Matt Alvarez and Rawjaw to deliver you their latest single ‘Alarm’. From the moment you press play you are bombarded with hard hitting synths and a hair-raising building up. A mixture of melodies, synths and bass all work together to create a classic festival track full of EDM goodness.   ‘Alarm’ goes through a variety of sections including a melodic mid-section that could be compared to the catchy melody lines of Avicii before resorting back to the heavy dance vibes. If you are yet to hear of rising

After the success of 19AX01, Jens Mueller is back with a stunning Techno track called ‘Operation Octopus’. Dark and percussive with a hint of melodic elements in the background, this high tempo tune is one to bring down the clubs. ‘Operation Octopus’ delves into several highs and lows before leading up to a descending synth to kick-start the infectious beat that progress with every layer on instrumentation.   The Operation Octopus EP also features not one but two other tracks named Das Netz Der Spinne and Talamanca. Das Netz Der Spinne has much more of an industrial feel with hints

Tech House artist Adam Holiday has returned after the success of his EP ‘Recipe For Jam’ to deliver you another show-stopping production titled ‘Rhythm Of Life’. Starting off with the use of a toe-tapping drum pattern, the soul of the track is unleashed when the bass line kicks in and fully captures a classic House groove with Tech elements.   A mixture of catchy, spoken word samples flutter in and out of the beat. The repetitive use of a deeper synth drives the track forward leading to a dark breakdown with contrasting hi-hats. Adam cleverly uses a variety of alternate

The Lyonbrotherz are going back to their roots with their latest release ‘Heartstrings’. The brothers have teamed up with Atlanta DJ and Producer Pengwin to create an EDM track with heavy influences from R&B and Hip Hop and featuring the incredible voice of German vocalist Jay Vallée.   ‘Heartstrings’ begins with melodic acoustic guitars and a stunning vocal that portrays the emotional lyrics perfectly before swelling synths fill the background and the rest of the production kicks in. The stripped back R&B styled verses really enhances the impact of the chorus and emphasises the complex percussive elements and bright melodies.

Jaksan is a seriously exciting artist who is shaking up the Tech house scene at the moment and his latest release ‘Love Is The Answer’ proves it. Starting off with a naughty bass line that grips your soul, the beat kicks in and a catchy rhyme is spoken over the top of the music ‘love is the answer, love is the key’.   The build-up of the track mimics a rhythm similar to a heartbeat that syncs you to the music and gets your body moving. Adding short, dramatic synth snippets towards the latter part of ‘Love Is The Answer’

Stuck for something to do on the 22nd June? Signature Events are throwing a party to celebrate their 1st birthday and it’s going to be a big one! Signature pride themselves on offering an exclusive atmosphere and characteristic that give them a special identity that sets them apart from other promoters all whilst showcasing some incredible talent.   Joining them for their birthday are a selection of some of the hottest DJ’s in the House and Tech House scene including Esee Free, Wayne Calita, Edgar Gallan and their residents Thomas Galbardi and Diana Loredana. Former headliners and special guests The

After releasing on labels such as Solid Grooves, 99 Waves and Suma, Adam Holiday is back with a stomper of an EP consisting of 2 tracks, the title track ‘Recipe For Jam’ and the follow up called ‘Head Bop’.   ‘Recipe For Jam’ has an insatiably funky groove and a bass line that grips your entire body; catchy vocal samples build the track up before unleashing the drop that is guaranteed to send crowds wild. Adam then uses a simple yet effective breakdown with kicks, percussive elements and subtle hints of vocals getting you ready for the second drop. ‘Recipe

Looking for a Progressive House fix? Well look no further as Mateo Paz has a whole month worth of electronic goodness for you in 4 one hour long mixes. Mateo Paz’s Gain broadcasts have been a labour of love for the past few years where he delves into the world of undiscovered music to promote and champion some of the freshest up and coming producers in the music industry.   May’s bundle of radio shows include episodes #161 through to #164 and includes music from the likes of Nora En Pure, Axel Black, AM/PM, Cheese&Cheese and Anton Borin. Gain is

Brand new House music duo The Lords have just dropped their debut release and it’s a big one! Titled ‘White Strobe’, the track starts with intriguing synths and a thumping, melodic bass line all whilst providing pure Deep House vibes with a hint of Progressive.   Keeping the repetitive groove throughout, the tune changes dynamic as the vocal samples kick in and whilst a shift in percussion leads you up to the drop. With beats that make you dance along to, ‘White Strobe’ is the perfect track for any club.   The Lords consist of Romaan and Tony Cortez, two

The up and coming French DJ/producer, Romaan is back after the success of ‘Voicemail’. The track is called ’Assassin’, and rightfully so because its a killer! Romaan delivers an overall pristine quality with banging drums, layers of alluring synths, and an icy cool vocal that drags you in to the mix. The vibe of ‘Assassin’ is the perfect culmination of old school House with new school elements, definitely a track that will set fire to the dance floor.   Romaan discovered his love for music during his early teenage years and has been plugging away at it ever since. Romaan