It’s that time again when Joe Hawes brings us a brand-new edition of his monthly Coffee House Radio show. Joe has a serious dedication to music and puts his heart and soul into putting together the very best Future House releases of the month and some of his firm favourites into one seamless hour-long mix purely for your entertainment.   This month’s show features music from the likes of Don Diablo and Zak Abel’s track ‘Bad’, Taim’s ‘Fever’, BROHUG’s ‘Say My Name’ and Medusa’s mashup of ‘My Frequency Is Alive’. Episode 32 of Joe’s Coffee House Radio is just the

After the storming release of his Bollywood inspired track ‘Break It Down’, Bobby Shann is back and has brought the party with him as ‘Call Me Papi’ is a fun Tech House tune that will put a smile on your face and get you grooving.   A funky, percussive groove kicks off the track as Bobby begins to introduce his incredible talents, choppy sample elements add to the atmosphere whilst the musicality comes in waves with each one bigger than the last before cutting out to a sexy Latin spoken vocal that draws you into a story.   The pace

  Run out of things to do in quarantine? Well, the Vessbroz have just the thing as all 4 of the March edition of their radio show ElectroVessel are now available to listen to. Dedicated to showcasing the very best in the Electronic Music scene, the Vessbroz collect all of their favourite tracks that have been released and put them all into one seamlessly mixed show.   You can find music such as Keith & Superbeatz ‘So Excited’, Kramder’s ‘A Kiss From Stacey’, ARTY’s incredible track ‘You’re Not Alone’ and H3nry Thr!ll’s remix of Burn The Disco’s ‘Go’. The musical

We are currently in unprecedented times in a situation that would be rare to occur in any person’s lifetime. Life as we know it has changed forever due to the Coronavirus and to keep safe, we have been told to stay at home and distance ourselves from others.   Currently, in co-operation with the huge community behind Techno Livesets, Toma Hawk has put together a campaign to motivate the people of the world to say at home and well… listen to techno! Toma Hawk wants to target the whole of the electronic music scene for both artists and fans to

New Yorker DJ and Producer $ilv@ is back with a brand new single titled $ynchroniz3. With an industrial feel from the very first beat, the hi-hat flickers as the pace ramps up and the track is then filled with electronic, robotic arpeggios. $ilv@ is known for his creativity and passion and there is definitely an iconic uniqueness coursing through the heart of the song.   $ynchroniz3 has an exceptionally futuristic feel to it and once the big bassy drop kicks in, the track turns into pure chaos and truly shows $ilv@’s understanding of the dancefloor. $ilv@ strives for originality in

Italian Tech House rising talent Naizon is back with a brand-new single called ‘Midnight’ which is best described as a major hard-hitting Tech House tune with a gritty edge. This is a sound we have not yet heard in any of Naizon’s previous releases but is definitely something checking out!   Starting off the track with an aggressive groove with a pumping kick, the fierce attitude of ‘Midnight’ continues with its punchy synth melody which is entwined to a vocal sample that adds another element of depth to the beat.  As ‘Midnight’ progresses, Naizon shows off his exquisite production skills

According to an old Greek myth, travellers from distant lands would encounter a sphinx that would present to them a riddle. If they were able to solve it, the sphinx would obliterate them but if they were fortunate to answer correctly, the sphinx would spare them and allow them to pass.   Initial Eyes has managed to convey this story through the medium of music with his brand-new release ‘Riddle of the Sphinx’. Starting off with a steady beat paired with a heavy dosing of bass, an intriguing melody dances lightly across the background, enticing you to hear more. Slowly,

’Tissues’ is the latest production from UK Future House artist Joe Hawes. The track begins upbeat with twinkly piano elements before powerful vocals consume the beat with the catchy lyrics pairing perfectly with the bass-led build up. Joe flawlessly keeps the energy rising into a bright synthy drop and of course, features his signature percussive talents too.   Joe has previously had releases on labels such as Hungry Koala Records and Coffee House Records and has supported the likes of Calvin Harris and Deadmau5 in his career as a DJ along with playing sets at prestigious venues such as Amnesia

Roberto Rodriguez is armed with a brand-new tune called ‘Hard Working’, which is apt seeing as Roberto works extremely hard to create stunning tunes and is a true master of his craft. ‘Hard Working’ starts off strong and gets straight to the point with a steady beat that gradually builds an excitement.   An insanely catchy static melody is introduced before an element of drama is added every 8 bars, right up until the 90s dance-inspired drop kicks in. Roberto cleverly incorporates a bouncing bassline that stands strong behind the melody that drives the beat forward. There is absolutely no

ZNAS is back with a brand-new conceptual EP that features 3 tracks that surround the torment of struggles of a couple who hide their love for fear of rejection. ZNAS tries to tackle the taboo surrounding prejudice and love through the medium of music.   The three tracks in the ep include ‘dOOm’, ‘rOOm-antic’ and ‘tabOO’ which lends itself to a more vocal-led Deep House styling with hints of Progressive House and Melodic Techno. The fusion of these genres makes for music that touches your soul and makes you want to move to, perfect for any late-night DJ set. It’s