ALWZ SNNY is generating quite the reputation for his heavy synths, insane guitar melodies and that unique fusion of country and dance music. His latest release ‘As Long As We’re Together’ has been a sure hit among fans and new listeners for its Avicii inspired vibe and incredible good feels. We caught up with ALWZ SNNY to chat more about the release itself and find out what’s on the horizon for the up and coming DJ and Producer. What inspired you to create “As Long As We’re Together”? I started writing this song when I was in Stockholm. I was

UK DJ and producer Joe Hawes originates from the quiet coastal town of Torquay, but there is certainly nothing quiet about Joe’s talents and skills. Having taken his first steps towards a music career at the age of 10 after picking up his very first set of drumsticks, Joe went on to play in Rock and Indie bands before finally discovering his love for dance music, Future House in particular. Joe has released incredible music such as his ‘Shakin’ EP on Hungry Koala Records and multiple stand-out remixes that have garnered thousands of streams and downloads and have been released

Rd0Dave, a radio host, turned club DJ, turned music producer, starting hitting the DAWs summer of last year with the release of his debut single Radio Bounce. In the year that’s passed with COVID, and lockdowns, and a shiny new divorce, he’s been able to focus and pour all his heart and energy into carving out his signature sound, and Rd0Active is the culmination of that year of hard work. A sordid twist of both anger, bitterness and still managing to be somewhat therapeutic, the sharp, firmly spoken lyrics are almost spat out and dripping with an arrogance of venom,

The Enveloper is set to release ‘Wicked’ on Lakota Music and is it a treat for the ears! A galloping beat sets off ‘Wicked’ before you are catapulted into a wave of intensity that features sporadic synths and sound effects as the track becomes fuller and fuller. The Enveloper has intricately placed catchy little snipped of melodies that really seal the fact that this is a tune to get behind! He teases a build-up with a cacophony of drums several times before a forceful drop takes over entirely. ‘Wicked’ will certainly get the blood pumping.   Toma Hawk has also

ALWZ SNNY is back with another top-notch dance tune. The American DJ and Producer currently embarking on a new blend of EDM and Country and ‘As Long As We’re Together’ is the perfect example of just how great this new fusion of genres can be. Easing in gradually, you are met with a vocal that is synonymous to the Country genre, singing heartfelt lyrics that are insanely catchy and will have you joining in.   Bright synths dance across the background before some seriously impressive electric guitar riffs take centre stage to really hammer home that Country feel. The music

Joe Hawes is back once again with his monthly show that is bursting with the very best Future House bangers that are guaranteed to lift your spirits and have you raving around your house! Joe has built himself quite the reputation within the UK dance scene as pre-Covid he would deliver exceptional club sets that were jam-packed with tonnes of energy and unique bootlegs.   With the aim to have listeners re-experience that energy without being in a club setting, Joe has transferred his talents for DJing to Coffee House Radio where you can certainly get your electronic fix whilst

The Vessbroz are a dance music duo who constantly impress with their exceptional music talents for both producing and their track selections. Their Electrovessel radio show has been running for quite some time now and has become a staple in the diets of EDM lovers everywhere. Now up to their 110th show, they have welcomed guests from all over the scene such as Mike Williams, Bassjackers and Tiger lily.   All of the shows that have been launched through September are now available to catch up on if you missed any. This month they welcome guests such as Corx, Leandro

Toma Hawk is back with a brand new tune called ‘303 Aliens’. Kicking things off with a percussive and almost tribalist groove, haunting synths are introduced working together to build that that classic Toma Hawk atmospheric sound. Whispers swirl across the track as the relentless beat pushes forward. The intensity is taken to the next level with hints of robotic sounds before the tune transforms into a more analogue style. As you would expect in any of his releases, Toma Hawk sends you on a journey through the depths of Techno.   This release also comes with a stunning remix

If you haven’t heard of Naizon, he is a Tech House artist who has impressed audiences worldwide with releases such as ‘Pause’, ‘Midnight’ and ‘Dance It’. His influences and inspirations span far and wide with a constant homage paid to the soulful sounds of his upbringing from the likes of Lionel Richie, Elvis and Barry White. Naizon has taken his sound all over the world across 300 gigs in places such as Thailand, Italy, Australia and Switzerland.   Lockdown saw the introduction of a brand-new radio show created and curated by Naizon where he delves deep into the Tech House

Jacob Colon dedicates himself to creating unique, funk-filled House tracks that are guaranteed to get his fans grooving along. Having built up his following over the last few years, Jacob has become an artist to watch after reaching multiple charts #1 positions and releasing on highly regarded record labels such as Nervous Records and Crystal Water’s ‘I Am House’.   This year alone Jacob has been responsible for incredible tracks such as ‘Thunder’, ‘Bliss’ and ‘I Want My House Music’. Driven by his need to make amazing music, Jacob continues to deliver a catalogue of music filled with his unique