Returning to the floor with a real cracker of a track, RMA’s newest release ‘Ride Together’ harnesses a dark and gloomy atmosphere with a gripping tension throughout. Showing off his skills as an exceptional EDM artist, RMA uses pushing baselines, captivating beats and a load of vigorous vocals that add yet another dimension to the overall vibe of the track.   ‘Ride Together’ has an incredible amount of grit to the release that is paired with consuming waves of synths. As the release progressively builds you are exposed to a drop that is insatiably funky with excellent use of melodies

Texan dance sensation Sonic Radiation is back with a brand new single titled ‘Roentgen’. With the title coming from the meaning of a unit of radiation; this certainly seems the case as this dark and gritty Progressive House/Techno tune radiates an infectious driving beat that gets your toes tapping along almost instantly. The fast, upbeat tempo brings an element of excitement as the listener tries to anticipate what Sonic Radiation has in store. As the track progresses, industrial and robotic sounds flirt across the background whilst waves of rising electronic synths scramble your senses. Sonic Radiation’s evident skills makes this tune

Jonjo Drake’s certainly means business with his latest release ‘Integral Design’. Kicking things off with pulse-raising beats that steadily build up with intensity, Jonjo teases the senses with elongated chords that ring in your ears before introducing tribalistic percussion that really get the track going. A catchy melody brings itself to the forefront before a gritty drop kicks in, switching up the vibe completely. If that wasn’t enough, the mid-section welcomes a dramatic symphony of sounds that are robotic and domineering before evolving once again into a sensational techno beat.   Just when you calm down from the original track,

YLLOW & Vyel have joined forces to deliver a brand-new hit single that is burst at the seams with nothing but good vibes. ‘Leave Me Alone’ is bight and upbeat, giving you nothing but uplifting progressive feels. Vyel’s vocals are a stunning addition to the track as the Paris-based singer projects his sultry French tones, vocalising emotional yet dreamy lyrics, setting a harmonious contrast with the music. This perfect blend of progressive and trance only gets better as the track builds in intensity leading to an insanely catchy melody and rising synths that finally give in to a festival worthy

ALWZ SNNY is back with a brand-new single that is bound to dominate the dance scene titled ‘Wasted’. Bright synths fill the background as a clap-like percussion and harmonious melody line gets the momentum going. All of a sudden you are met with a high energy drop that features a pumping bassline and a symphony of synths. ‘Wasted’ is a real feel-good dance hit with masses of potential to be ALWZ SNNY’s biggest hit yet. The insanely catchy track oozes classic EDM vibes and will instantly bring a bit of sunniness to your day.   Krysta Youngs is a stunning

House music duo VAVO are back with a brand-new remix of Internet Money’s number one hit from this summer ‘Lemonade’. A pumping bassline eases you in, giving off the impression that this is a release to get excited about. Keeping the instantly recognisable vocals from Don Toliver, Gunna and Nav, the VAVO guys have given the tune a new lease of life that’s full of force.   As the track progresses and builds you are treated to a drop that’s bursting with funky goodness and a deep bassline rumble that will shake your soul. VAVO truly show off their musical

Chris Dahlberg and Pepe Cano have joined forces to release their brand-new collaboration ‘Turn It Up’. Kicking things off with short and sharp piano stabs, the music is bright with a hint of old school. As the track builds, the excitement rises up until the drop where the duo demonstrates their ear for rhythms as they introduce a bassy house-like drop. The bassline remains punchy throughout, driving the track into anthem status.   Delivering another wave of talent to ‘Turn It Up’, Clipper’s Sounds resident vocalist Lenell Brown is added to the mix where he brings another dimension to the

Damian Force is raising the temperature with his newest release ‘Hot’. Kicking things off with a classic House intro with driving high hats and percussive beats, a pumping bassline takes over, gradually taking the track up to the next level. A soulful vocal is a key feature of the track who brings the party with its silky tones and insanely infectious lyrics that will have you singing along to the release in no time.   As the track gets into full swing, a gritty high-end synth is introduced playing a melody that will be stuck in your head for days!

Faraday (Connor Drazil) has been heralded as a pioneer that blurs the lines between house, trance, techno, and disco. Continuing the momentum from his first appearance in the Armada Music family, via Ferry Corsten’s imprint Flashover Recordings, Faraday’s newest release is the remix package to his ‘Voyager’ EP. Sailing along with him on this voyage are a crew of his close friends from the Seattle area whose sounds make up an eclectic representation of what dance music embodies. First up on deck is Viligir (Levi Ligier) who delivers a house’d up version of the Daft Punk-esque ‘Star Dancer’. Viligir recently

The multi-genre chameleon producer Alex Messina is back with a brand-new Progressive tune called ‘Moonlight’. Trippy arpeggios really get the track moving whilst providing an authentic feel of nostalgia as the tune sounds more and more classic with each beat. Melodic synths are introduced to fatten out the sound and create an inspired euphoric vibe.   As ‘Moonlight’ gets deeper into its sound, a melancholic piano melody sits in harmony with the flickering background beat that stays a familiar feature throughout. With its funky lower end of the track driving the production, the cinematic sounds and synths add a new