Jaksan is back with a fast-paced, club-ready tune that’s full of life and unexpected sound effects called ‘Discrete’. High pitched elements and catchy, repetitive vocals come in piece by piece before introducing you to the main groove. In true Jaksan fashion, he features all of the classic Tech House characteristics but adds new and updated aspects that make this release stand out from the crowd.   The atmosphere in ‘Discrete’ builds as the music progresses, sirens consume the beat whilst building up to a major drop that is guaranteed to dominate dance floors everywhere. Jaksan has snatched the attention of

Intro_p is an artist who’s developed an unconventional musical style in recent years, picking up early support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Nick Warren, Paul Hazendonk, Animal Trainer, Alexi Delano and many more. The formation of his Introp Music imprint follows his move from Malaga to Cologne and his previously run Neovinyl label, as he looks to expand on his experimentation and recent influences. Following on from his 4 previous releases, Intro_p maintains his deep, emotive style in ‘Transitions EP’ that reflects his intention to maintain the balance between club and listening music. ‘Adieu Tristesse’ kicks things off with

Aligee and Phareed’s latest collaboration is a summery Electro-House tune that makes for easy listening. Starting off with a chilled out vibe with bright and melodic chord, ‘Believer’ transitions into a bouncy groove with hints of guitar riffs and synth elements in the background.   The catchy pre-chorus builds up to an upbeat drop with a simple yet effective high-pitched melody that will have you singing along in no time. A key element of ‘Believer’ is Chad Kowal’s stunning higher vocal range which compliments the music beautifully. The track is then stripped back to its bare bones in the breakdown

Coming in hot with their latest release ‘Follow Me’ on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, the Vessbroz’s September edition of their infamous ElectroVessel broadcast is now online and ready to stream. Along with finding talent through their own record label Vessology Records, the Vessbroz pride themselves in finding the best music from both upcoming and established artists.   September’s ElectroVessel also features guest mixes from the likes of Erick T, DJ Hurinsky, Not Found, Pascal & Pearce and Rennazz. Each one of these incredibly talented artists takes you on a journey through the depths of electronic dance music and introducing you to

After transitioning to the Tech House scene not so long ago and wowing audiences everywhere with ‘Dance It’, Naizon is back with a party-starting follow up release titled ‘Golden Cage’.   A steady beat kicks off the tune before introducing you to the nitty-gritty of the track. With bold basslines and a deep and sultry spoken word vocal, the musicality is built with precision, piece by piece until the drop leads you into an all-consuming low-end groove. Naizon not only makes music for the ravers but also for DJ’s too as the stripped back breakdown is perfect for switching up

With the summer months well and truly over, what better way to warm yourself up than with Mateo Paz’s September broadcasts of Gain. Bursting with a whole heap of Progressive House tunes, Mateo takes you on a journey through some of the hottest releases that will get you dancing along in no time.   Currently, up to a whopping 182 episodes, Mateo works tirelessly to find the best music around and mixes them to perfection in his hour-long show. Over the course of September, Mateo released 5 episodes of ‘Gain’ and showcased the music of artists such as Tomic, Marius

Two Tech House rising stars, Jaksan and Alec Michael have joined forces to release a belter of a tune called ‘Motherfucker’. You can expect big beats from the second you press play and a bassline that reaches deep down into your soul. As wild sound effects dance across the background, there’s an intriguing darkness about this release that will inevitably consume dance floors worldwide.   Jaksan has had an incredible year so far, especially after the success of his Dirtybird release ‘LaLaLa’ that saw House legend MK give the LA DJ and producer a shoutout on Mixmag. Jaksan’s music has

After the storming success of Klipr’s ‘Running Back’, he has returned with another worldly release titled ‘Leave Me’. The New Delhi producer has a keen ear for incorporating a variety of influences and emotion into his music and this song is no different!   ‘Leave Me’ features cinematic synths, a major build-up and a drop that is capable of sending any festival crowd wild, however, the wispy and evocative vocals tell an emotional tale over the melodic, electronic groove. Klipr’s ‘Leave Me’ is a song that will have you reminiscing back over those warm summer days.   Klipr is a

London based DJ Michael Push delivers a package of remixes of his latest single “Don’t Give Up On Love”. Michael’s latest track is to be a club primed hit complete with powerful beats and a soulful top line from the incredible vocal talent, Latisha. The classic house piano and deep bassline drive the track along with intermissions of killer breakdowns.   ‘Don’t Give Up On Love’ also comes with 4 other versions of the track to show just how musically versatile Michael Push can be. The 4 remixes of ‘Don’t Give Up On Love’ feature musical stylings such as a

If you’re looking for a track that will transport you back to the noughties, then ‘Follow Me’ is the perfect answer to meet your musical needs. Featuring a bouncy electronic groove and bright stabbing synths, this release instantly takes you into a feeling of euphoria.   Vessbroz and Mark Voss have come together to create a tune that has the ammunition to send clubs and festivals absolutely wild. Using their depth of knowledge and musical talents, they have created a tune that feels very reminiscent and jam-packed full of old school characteristics. Monika Kiss also features on the track with