If you’re looking for a track that epitomises the new sound of Future Rave – we might be able to help. Swedish Ken Bauer is delivering his latest fresh cut and it is an absolute banger. There is a reason this producer is on the lips of some of the industry’s biggest names. ‘Sacrifice’ is a melodic journey through the subconscious. With powerful synthesis, the listener is transported to the beaches of sunnier climes. As the track builds, the synths layer and melodies intertwine with one another. Beautiful vocals enter and bring an ethereal feeling to the atmosphere. As the

After 2020’s collaboration ‘Wasted’, we are happy to say that Krysta Youngs and ALWZ SNNY are teaming up again. This time, the latter is remixing Krysta’s track ‘Love Me’. And oh boy does it deliver the goods. Starting with simple but catchy melodies, the track grows slowly and captures the listener with subtle chord progressions and a brewing sense of anticipation. Building towards the drop, we are expectant – and are met with a lead synth and bassline combination which is simply perfect. The beautiful vocals of Krysta immediately lift the track and the ethereal effects added by the producer

Jonjo Drake is the young producer from Merseyside (UK) who has been making waves in the Techno scene. His latest release on Lakota Music is the most recent in a string of seriously heavy beats which beautifully combine traditional Techno traits with more modern, Industrial sounds. ‘Dangerous’ is an anthemic, grizzly Techno beast which oozes energy. Built for the sweaty dark nightclub, this one has bass and beats at its very core, with a driving bassline and raw main synth. ‘Mercy’ contains the same deep bass and percussive prowess that Jonjo Drake is becoming known for. With the addition of

The significant release of the brand-new record Day One marks an important steppingstone for Kraaken and teh.musicdude as they catapult their way into the revolutionising industry of techno. Following from a history of previous releases together, their relationship on the production front continues to blossom through their release on the KLANGFELD VII EP. This striking opportunity has given both artists the privilege of collaborating with like-minded producers from around the world. Kraaken has demonstrated his raw talent for music through performing to crowds of eager listeners as a DJ and overall, he has penetrated the Austrian nightclub scene. His abundant

The combination of some of New York’s finest dance music talents. High energy House music which you’ll NEED to get up and dance to. Sound good? Well, Sted-E, Hybrid Heights and Jacob Colon have you covered. ‘Suenos’ is the adrenaline-fuelled, atmospheric banger we’d been waiting for. Releasing on the 12th February on Juicy Music, this one is going to hit the dancefloors hard this summer. Straight off the bat we are hit with a powerful drum line to groove to, before the track slowly progresses into a melodic masterpiece. A main synth which instantly loops in your head is added,

US based DJ/Producer Jacob Colon is going from strength to strength. After a big 2020 showing the world his blend of Latin American sounds with House music, he is back in 2021 to release ‘Don’t Stop’ featuring Katiahshe. This release is just the latest showcase of Colon’s talents, which continues to grow with each release. Pushing himself forwards, he is heading towards a big future. Take 1 is a smooth, Latin infused percussive journey. Addictive vocals pair with a bassline that sticks in the head and synthesis that drops in and out to keep the listener guessing. This is a

The Don Naizon is back with another Tech-House track bursting with energy, built to break down dancefloors and rumble through your ribcage. The UK based DJ/Producer continues to impress and build upon a rich catalogue of tunes he has released over the past few years. ‘Stay Up’ is an unadulterated Tech House banger. There’s no simpler way to put it. Staying true to his influences from the genre, but blending in elements from other genres he loves – he creates a unique track in a way only he knows how. Starting with serious percussive power, the energy is immediate and

Alex Messina has started off 2021 in the same way he ended last year. Consistently moving forwards and looking to grow as an artist, he delivers an anthem built for this Summer’s outdoor parties and (hopefully) concerts. This latest self-released song is a full throttled throwback to times gone by. ‘Fly’ is an effortlessly beautiful track, flowing between melodic instrumentation and dancefloor ready beats. Combining elements of Melodic House and old school House, he creates a piece of music which is both evocative and energetic. Sure to be stuck in your head long after listening, the maestro delivers a masterclass.

Starting from small beginnings, Control Room is a newly established duo that consists of two DJ’s originating from Alberta Canada, who are intent on introducing their unique sound to the industry. With prior experience in the production of music under a previous alias known as ‘White Darts,’ the pair are well on their way to success and are a true testament to their hard work. Control Room have proven their determination to succeed through their punctual monthly releases, which feature hard-hitting basslines and prominent synth leads combined with energetics drops to seal the deal. As they delve into the distinct

Toma Hawk has once again merged his sound with his moniker Mon.Ton to deliver ‘Nameless & Done’, a juicy Techno EP that you can sink your teeth into. ‘Nameless’ is the first track on the ep with an upped tempo and relentless driving force that pushing the beat forward. Dancing in the background is intricately placed percussive grooves that will certainly get you moving. A bongo-type sound is also weaved in amongst the busyness of the tune before synths take over, adding a gorgeous warmth to the music and elevating ‘Nameless’ to a state of old-school euphoria. Toma Hawk also