Following up their excellent ‘Don’t Stop Believing in Love’ – Italian production whizz Andrea Curato and American vocal talent Coco Street have put their minds together once again for the upcoming release of ‘If I Stay’ – a subtle but memorable single that shines a light on both artists’ undeniable musical attributes. Oozing with tribal flavour, glossy deeper soulful waves and jazzy tones – Andrea Curato and Coco Street have laid down a gorgeous single ‘If I Stay’ which delves into the deeper and more reflective corners of House music. The lead vocal is the star of the show as

Ken Bauer & J-Rob MD have joined forces once again to deliver an incredible melancholic Future House anthem that features a stunning vocal and thick emotional drop. ‘Until You Speak’ has a steady beat during the intro getting you ready as the 2 producers flirt with melodic elements until the main rhythm drops in.   The track includes hints of progressive that really portray those emotional characteristics that are intertwined so deep with both genres. It’s clear that the amount of detail that has gone into this track has not gone unnoticed as this is now the second collaboration to

Initial Eyes has released yet another 2 tracks titled ‘Awakening’ and ‘The Infinite Climb’ which explore the realms of progressive house and make for truly joyful listening. ‘Awakening’ is deep, intriguing and melodic with a low-level energy that’s calming yet groovy. The track has been a sort of work in progress for Initial Eyes as he delves into crafting music specifically for opening up sets. ‘Awakening’ has already been gaining the attention of Initial Eyes’ fans after teasing the track on his Spring 2020 mix.   The 2nd track on this EP is ‘The Infinite Climb’. Creativity seeks through the

  ALWZ SNNY’s brand new release ‘Love Revolution’ was born by the inspiration of Tomorrowland. Melancholic chords open the track whilst Jennifer Chatham’s voice sends tingles up your spine as its paired with cinematic bass. ‘Love Revolution’ continues to build drama piece by piece before piercing synths and a bouncy groove begin to consume the track.   With a major uplifting feel to it, ALWZ SNNY set out exactly what he wanted to do as this would fit perfectly on the mainstage of Tomorrowland. The high energy drop harnesses the power to send its listeners wild ahead of reverting back

First announced back in December of last year, the wait is finally over as Wæde Wätts’s debut album ‘Avenoir’ is out now. Featuring 12 outstanding tracks, this album takes you on a journey through grooves and melodies like no other. Avenoir contains some firm fan favourites that have already seen tons of attention from audiences all over such as the One Tree Hill inspired track ‘Peyton Sawyer’, the uplifting Trance track titled ‘Underdogs’ and a chillout atmospheric Deep House tune called ‘Cerebral’.   This album has been a long time in the making and the guys from Wæde Wätts have

Third Of The Fourth takes on a different approach to electronic music than what most people would consider the normal routine. There is less importance on tagging this album with genres, but more with inspirations and premises. Formulas are not of importance here for the artist, but this is more about expression and using the right tools for the job over trying to tick boxes. It’s a refreshing take on a myriad of styles that comes together just right to make for an absorbing listen either as an LP or in smaller chunks as tracks. Launching this opus with ‘Then,

Naizon’s latest release proves that his decision to switch up genres to Tech House was a stroke of genius as ‘Pause’ features a funky Tech House beat with dark and edgy vocals that offer a sort of mysteriousness to the track. Naizon flaunts his production talents building up an atmosphere and creating an exciting drop that effortlessly flows into a funk-led drop.   Using robotic elements and melodies takes the track to a whole new level as it gets you itching to get back to the dancefloor. At a slightly slower tempo, ‘Pause’ provides a whole lot of groove! ‘Pause’

Mike Redfields has been an active and progressively growing name in the dance music world in recent years on the back of a lifelong love affair with music. With a DJ career spanning back to the early 00s – he’s become a reliable selector of high-quality dancefloor tracks and more recently, has developed a reliable talent for productions that are starting to grow in notability and quality. Making a splash on Fuzion Records this month – Mike delivers the freshly pressed ‘Summer Vibes’ to bring some much-needed positivity to these unusual months around the world. Kicking off with a classic

Klipr is back with a whopping 6 track EP, aptly named ‘Lockdown’ this EP explores the realms of House music and really shows off Klipr’s creative flair. The titles of the 6 tunes include ‘Love Of House’, ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘All Night’, ‘Johnny Relax’, ‘False Move’ and last but not least ‘Don’t Tell Me’.   Every single song offers something fresh, each with intricate melodies and downright infectious grooves. The Lockdown EP is exceptional work from Klipr and is just what we all need right now. His previous releases have been more on the progressive or electropop vibe but has clearly

Jacob Colon is back after the success of his last release ‘Work’ with another brand-new club-ready tune this time titled ‘Bliss’. Jacob gets straight to the point from the very first beat incorporating funky afro-beats with tribal drums along with a fun steel drum sounding melody that’s present throughout the track that gets you up moving.   ‘Bliss’ begins to wind down half-way through getting into the intricacies of the rhythm where Jacob flaunts his musical talents showing off a jazzy piano solo that sets the track apart from the tradition house sound. ‘Bliss’ then kicks back into business and