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It’s that time again when NATHASSIA brings us a brand-new edition of her monthly ‘Goddess Is A DJ’ radio show. NATHASSIA has a serious dedication to music and puts her heart and soul into putting together the very best catalogue of creative talents as she aims to remain ahead

As we move into the month of July, Jacob Colon’s collection of shows from June draws us in to get the latest fix of the best House the scene has to offer, with a sultry blend of the hottest tunes in the industry. As we

In recent times, Cyazon has pushed through the boundaries of conventional music, with doses of heavy synths, hard hitting beats and melodic supersaws that encapsulates his vision of the dark undertones of abandoned streets, with the blurs of neon lights from Bladerunner’s metropolis. With the release

Bringing dancefloor-ready mixes of the freshest House anthems in the absence of raves, this latest month of Naiz:On Air offers a delectable range of the hottest Tech House in the industry straight from Naizon. Naizon is constantly raising the bar for lovers of House music across

Cyazon continues to push the boat out in terms of his musical style where he is constantly testing the boundaries of conventional music and his sound has come on leaps and bounds from when he first started. With the release

NATHASSIA has built a reputation for herself as a powerhouse of an artist – she has constantly been pushing the boat out in terms of her devotion to music to deliver a sound made up of her worldly influences that

As we head into the heat season, you can rely on Jacob Colon to offer the hottest collection of House tunes the scene has in store for us, including sultry blend of the hottest Tech-House and Afro House that pack

Naizon is emerging as one of the hottest producers this summer, with the release of his latest hit ‘What The Funk’ with Gustavo Mota released on the imprint ‘Suitor’ which gained a lot of traction and proved to be a