Afro House

DJ Dris returns with yet another Afro House track, ‘Eternal Flame,’ featuring the vocals of Roxa Damas. Known for his dynamic and genre-blending style, DJ Dris keeps pushing the boundaries of his creativity, offering his audience a fresh listening experience

DJ Dris unleashes another original production with the release of his newest Afro House single, ‘Sun Will Shine Again’ featuring Vocalist Zack Goffe. With each release, DJ Dris raises the bar of his creativity, elevating his sound as he incorporates

DJ Dris offers more compelling music as he releases his latest Afro House track, ‘Universal Intent’ via Born Digital Music. A force on the Electronic Music scene, DJ Dris continues to drop productions that keep his creative bar raised, showcasing

DJ Dris unveils his newest Afro House release, ‘Afrocana’, through Born Digital Music. With a production catalogue that is fast growing as he continues with an impressive release schedule, frequently dropping productions for listeners to enjoy, DJ Dris has landed

DJ Dris drops yet another Afro House production with the release of ‘Underwater’ via Born Digital Music. As his groovy signature sound takes centre stage once again, DJ Dris’ commitment and determination towards his craft and growing his reputation within

DJ Dris brings his next Afro House single, ‘Origins,’ through Born Digital Music. A Producer and DJ who continues to strike back with hard-hitting productions, building a momentum that leads him to new ground as he remains consistent with his

The London-based DJ/Producer DJ Dris unveils his newest Afro House single, ‘Riding Ecstasy’ featuring Roxa Damas. Having been rapidly building his production catalogue, hitting back with releases like ‘Work’, ‘Ethereal’, and ‘Keep Trying’, DJ Dris appears with an unstoppable momentum,

DJ Dris is back with his next powerful release, this time bringing mesmerising vibes with an Afro House track titled ‘Ethereal,’ featuring vocals from the talented Olivia London. Released through Born Digital Music, the production offers listeners dreamy vibes, inviting

DJ Dris is here with yet another dancefloor gem, this time bringing sonic excitement with the Afro House production, ‘Keep Trying’: having just recently dropped a single featuring the vocalist Natalie Graham titled ‘Work’, DJ Dris is certainly keeping his

DJ Dris is here with his newest Afro House release, ‘Work’ featuring the striking vocalist Natalie Graham. Set for release via the label Born Digital Music, this latest production places the unique creativity and sound that continues to mark DJ