Third Of The Fourth – Chapter One
22nd May 2020 Share

Third Of The Fourth – Chapter One

Third Of The Fourth takes on a different approach to electronic music than what most people would consider the normal routine. There is less importance on tagging this album with genres, but more with inspirations and premises. Formulas are not of importance here for the artist, but this is more about expression and using the right tools for the job over trying to tick boxes. It’s a refreshing take on a myriad of styles that comes together just right to make for an absorbing listen either as an LP or in smaller chunks as tracks.

Launching this opus with ‘Then, I Saw The Sunrise’ – we’re quickly wrapped up in a embrace of warm sonic tones and melodies that sets the scene for the upcoming voyage. ‘Hype’ introduces a serving of blissed-out and hauntingly euphoric melodic content, whilst ‘The Dream’ lays down wistful vocals and eccentric synths lines with precision and focus. ‘Make Her Feel’ fuses soulful vocal chants over deep grinding basslines whereas ‘Owt Ov Thee Siti’ harks back to classic AFX style dissonant melodies and chords. ‘Thin’ lays down deep ambient layers under hefty piano hits and ‘Closure’ casually morphs between Chillout and Grime in an unlikely but beautiful union of genres. ‘When I See You Smile’ lets off scattergun hi-hats and warped bass synths that tickle the eardrums and this sub content theme continues into a second track with ‘A Troublesome Mind’ where TOTF gets crazy with the LFO bass and cymbals. The aptly named ‘Logging Out’ puts a pin in the album with a breeze of gorgeous Synthwave style leads to serve as the perfect dessert after a memorable sonic banquet.

Third Of The Fourth succeeds in holding onto your attention span for the runtime of the album without ever feeling fatiguing or confused in direction. The narrative and progression is purposeful and carefully structured to tell a story, largely through non-verbal musical communication and it succeeds in delivering that message, which is exactly what a good album should do. That makes this LP a success in conception and a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.

1. Then, I Saw The Sunrise
2. Hype
3. The Dream (Feat. Lisa Theodore)
4. Make Her Feel (Feat. Tahir Jackson)
5. Owt Ov Thee Siti
6. Thin
7. Closure
8. When I See You Smile
9. A Troublesome Mind
10. Logging Out

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