RMA – My Quarantine
28th October 2020

RMA – My Quarantine

RMA has consistently proven his talents time and time again. RMA has worked with legends such as Fatman Scoop on tracks such as ‘Lick U’ and has released top labels such as Axone, Sirup and Noface along with multiple top-charting tracks including his remix of Victor Porfidio’s ‘To My Heart’ on Beatport and Apple Music. We caught up with RMA to find out what he’s been getting up to whilst stuck in quarantine with the rest of the world. Check out what he had to say below.


How have you been holding up during this crazy time?
I produced a lot of new music and spend a lot more time in the studio, so it’s not been all bad!
What have you been doing to keep yourself busy?
I kept producing music because that is my biggest hobby and passion.
What are your thoughts in regard to Covid-19 and the music industry?
The saddest thing is that all the live gigs and festivals are cancelled. Although at the same time we got a lot of more new releases and podcasts from DJ/artists who wouldn’t have done so before so silver linings!
Have you picked up any new skills/ hobbies?
Yes, producing more music if that’s even possible!
Who have you been quarantining with?
With my family, of course.
Can you let us into any exclusives with your music?
I`m sorry that is a surprise, but you will see it very soon. Start getting excited about new and great music projects!
How do you think the world being on lockdown will have an effect on you in the future?

I think that it will just allow me to really work on my producing skills and make more music because if you can’t have live gigs, you will have more time!

Finally, what is the first thing you will do when the world returns to normal?
I`m going to visit a lot of live gigs and music festivals worldwide!


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