Listen To subduxtion’s Album Enigma
30th January 2021
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Listen To subduxtion’s Album Enigma

subduxtion’s brand new album ‘Enigma’ was released back in December 2020 and has been gripping audiences with its chilled out vibes and unique take on exploring deep house and minimal dub techno. The first tune is called ‘Crystals’ that features a pumping kick drum and teases of a bassline that turns into an insatiable groove. subduxtion introduces a subtle groove with different elements woven in and out of the tune before dropping the music out entirely so that we can hear the music expertly build back up again piece by piece.

The second track on the EP is ‘Enigma’. Starting off with contrasting deep and high synths that echo together almost as if the two sounds are conversing. subduxtion introduces finely tuned instrumentation that get your senses tingling whilst a steady beat drives the track. ‘Enigma’ has nothing but good vibes and dreamy synths you can lose yourself in. ‘Confide’ is the final production on the Enigma EP, gritter than the previous two, subduxtion leans heavier into the techno realm. Presenting an infectious tribal-style percussion and insanely groovy bassline the track will transport you into a state of pure bliss. Showing off his expertise, subduxtion gives the track room to breathe so you can really appreciate the track in its full glory.

subduxtion is a DJ and Producer from LA (now based in Kansas City, MO.) who aims to show the relationship between post-industrial, ambient, psychedelics and electronic. He composes music that is murky, dark and heavy whilst exploring the experimental realm of dub techno. He has had releases with standout labels such as Milligrid Records and Citrica Records along with performing throughout North and Central America.

‘Enigma’ is out now on Zero Signal Records –

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