Listen To Giangi Cappai – Dust From The Moon (The Remixes)
5th May 2020 Share

Listen To Giangi Cappai – Dust From The Moon (The Remixes)

Giangi Cappai’s 2018 Ogu Records release ‘Dust From The Moon’ is resurfacing for a 2020 redevelopment in the form of two new remixes of the record from two very reliable production sources. Giangi and Foby have gone back to the original and given it two fresh reimaginations. The original was a subby and intense club-track that has been given some new twists and ideas to develop the idea into a new form.

Giangi’s remodel of the original is powered by a throttling arpeggiator that twists and turns through modulation over the more hypnotic remix. Laced with reverb-soaked backing strings/pads, this remix comes with a heavier reliance on melodic sentiments and progressive breaks and build-ups. Where the original was perhaps more driving, this new version shows of the more intricate side of Giangi’s production style.

On the flip side, up and coming Producer Foby leans into the atmospherics of the original sample sources to put together a composition that switches out the rhythmic elements for a more frantic percussive and hi-hat section which changes the dynamics of the elements left behind from the original – most notably the pianos which now appear more haunting and brooding than ever before.

Both versions surely show off the respective Producer’s signature sound format and give a well-deserved second wave to the original which provided a powerful base to work from in the setting of each remix. It’s one of the most endearing qualities of electronic music as a whole that we’re able to reimagine tracks that shine in this way and both Producers on this remix EP show us why this conceptual method in remixing works so well foe the genre.


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