Krista Showcases Her Amazing Talent With Latest Exclusive Guestmix
27th April 2021

Krista Showcases Her Amazing Talent With Latest Exclusive Guestmix

Krista Mitsopoulou has garnered large amounts of support since the beginning of her career, where she has learned to harness an inimitable sound chopped full of uplifting beats, enchanting vocals and atmospheric harmonies. With a distinguished love for music since her childhood and a vast collection of vinyl, Krista is well on her way to carving her own sound into the industry. In terms of her career, Krista has taken part in various local events with an array of musical groups in her home country of Greece, where she has played amongst other brilliant artists and has been releasing music ever since.

Krista’s latest mix includes a guestmix featuring her handpicked favourites including her own incredible releases. You can hear sounds from the likes of Ann Clue, Bobby Shann and Christian Hornboostel mixed in with some of her own releases like ‘Trigger Happy’ and ‘Unreliable Shelf’.

  1. Sense of an Ending – Scotty.A
  2. Black Mamba – Yaya
  3. Restart This – Dosem
  4. Sinovia – Christian Hornbostel
  5. Melodie – Natalino Nunes
  6. Analogic – Ann Clue
  7. Ultimate Battle – Bobby Shann
  8. Buzzer – Acid Junkies (Kristian Heikkila Deep Acid Remix)
  9. Carlo Ruetz – Filler
  10. Unreliable Shelf – Krista Mitsopoulou
  11. Neon – Danse & Pika
  12. Hyperventilation – Flug
  13. Boom Chakolak – Garnier (Traumer remix)
  14. Confronted – Pan Pot (Anfisa Letyago Stranger remix)
  15. Atis – Samael (Cassegrain Remix)
  16. Ikigai – Hybrasil
  17. Trigger Happy – Krista Mitsopoulou
  18. Operation 909 – Divak

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