Jickow Spills Insider Information Behind One of His Latest Tracks – ‘The Nemesis Of Love’
24th June 2021

Jickow Spills Insider Information Behind One of His Latest Tracks – ‘The Nemesis Of Love’

With a reputation proceeding him for the production of top-quality produced music, Jickow has really stepped up his game with ‘The Nemesis Of Love’. With plenty more exciting releases on the way, Jickow is rising as one of the most talented producers in the ever-growing pool of rising artists in the Dance music industry and is definitely worth keeping an eye on. We caught up with Jickow with a behind the scenes interview to get some insider information about how this production came to fruition.

Hi Jickow, Tell us the story behind your latest release ‘Nemesis of Love’?

This track is the total opposite of the track released one year ago on the same label Deep House Belgium; this track is about unconditional love, even if that person is your old nemesis. The track released last year was more melancholic & melodic about another type of unconditional love.

What 3 words would you say best describes you as an artist?

Hedonist, authenticity, melancholic.

You have had quite the career in regards to your productions, what would you say has been your biggest achievement to date?

Not so big tho, I was never really interested to produce music, or at least, to release music back in the days, I produced over a hundred tracks (at least) that still remain in my hard drive). My biggest achievement to date is simply having people smile while I play my tracks, which I unfortunately doesn’t experience a lot since the rise of (quality) tracks I produced happened during the first lockdown… So… I can’t wait to play them J

What plans do you have for the rest of this year?

The biggest of all: I will become a dad this summer, so I will not be a lot involve a lot in production and gigs obviously but will try to keep it busy with a new radio launch in June. I also have a couple of release scheduled on Movement & Freegrant and I also have a dozen of unreleased tracks that are waiting for a home.

What tips do you have for budding Producers wanting to crack the dance scene?

Don’t take anything seriously, especially music. I realize something: this is when I decide to not struggle about music anymore that I start to be free.

If a producer wanted to work with you, how could they contact you? 

Mail, Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, anywhere! J I always reply to everyone!

Can we hear any of your musical influences within ‘Nemesis of Love’?

I think we can hear a bit of Depeche Mode in the vocal with all the respect and modesty that I can bring saying that. I’ve been always a progressive DJ, even how I DJ, so perhaps there’s some reminiscence from old RPO tracks for example.

Where do you usually look for inspiration?

Good question, I have no process, I don’t do any particular, but I have to admit that since I’m sober, the inspiration is coming faster as the brain work faster even tho I sometimes enjoy a glass of non-alcoholic wine during the creation process J

What are you hoping for this track to achieve?

I was hoping to describe that duality between hate and love. I trying to show how we can love to hate and hate to love. That’s the meaning of the track.

Finally, where can we go to listen to ‘Nemesis of Love’?

It’s already out and packed with two strong remixes by Marc Depulse & Da Fresh so go ahead and treat yourself J

‘The Nemesis Of Love’ Download & Purchase:

Jickow Online:




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