28th May 2018

Jan Johnston – ‘Calling Your Name’ Remixes Released

Featuring five exclusive remixes of the original vocal from Jan Johnston, made famous by BT in 1995, Solar’s first release is godly. The vocal is smooth, powerful and still refreshing, bought back to life by Gai Barone, Peter Steele, Sunny Lax, Thrillseekers and Art of Trance.

Gai Barone’s remix is a certified Progressive banger, with beautiful synths blending together to create an ethereal soundscape. Peter Steele takes the Trance up a level, bringing an energetic sound to the EP in his inimitable style. Electro House infusions are noticeable in the Sunny Lax remix, adding a summer rave vibe to proceedings. Thrillseekers effortlessly combine all the sounds we’ve heard so far in to their unique version that immediately grabs the listener. Finishing up the EP is Art Of Trance with their Chill out version of the track, and it delivers on its promises; relaxing and packed with emotion and incredible sounds aplenty.

Transcending multiple genres from Trance, House and Progressive, this release cements the popularity of this Jan Johnston vocal right at the centre of the constantly growing Electronic music scene. It is an intricate example of the movement of production forwards and how producers can innovate and recreate an idea in to entirely new projects.

Released as the first tracks on Solar, the EP is available now.

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