Check Out ‘Welcome Back’ By Squachek
7th January 2022
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Check Out ‘Welcome Back’ By Squachek

Budding sensation Squachek continues to make waves in the scene, especially with his latest release ‘Welcome Back’ following from his latest success NO-NO SQUARE which garnered a lot of attention on TikTok. If you spent any of your lockdown on TikTok, you probably came across Squachek’s NO-NO SQUARE, one of the pandemic’s most-viral dances with tens of thousands of videos created. With both dynamic and vibrant hits of fresh sounds that have formed online fans from across the globe, you can always rely on Squachek to deliver something creative and innovative.

Squachek introduces you back to the dancefloor with ‘Welcome Back’, as he delivers something special to crush your inhibitions and smash your way into a sweaty frenzy with the latest heavy bass house womwoms from SQUACHEK, The Only DJ In The Entire World®. You can tune into this energetic single now and expect to be treated to frenzying basslines and hits of electrifying power and dynamics that will get your feet moving and your energy levels soaring. Heavy doses of speaker splitting bass and high-energy punches of percussion and rhythm that urge an insatiable feeling to get up and dance.

Squachek’s production ethic is as ever, polished, original, and perfect for the dancefloor. Continuing to make a big impact in the industry with his music, Squachek has developed quite the talent for creating impressive productions that soar with popularity within the younger audiences. He continuously proves that he has the undeniable ability to create impactful tunes that can be played everywhere by a large variety of fans from across the world.

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