Video Series Launch

Over the last few months of 2021, Lenell Brown has kept his image fresh with a list of impressive works building the discography of his highly anticipated ‘Bring it to Life’ video series that has seen multiple successes in the

Lenell Brown welcomes a brand-new video release titled ‘Somewhere’ as part of his ongoing ‘Bring it To Life’ video series which has gained a large amount of support and attention over the last coming months. You can expect to be

Lenell Brown welcomes his brand-new video featuring as the third release in the highly anticipated ‘Bring It To Life’ video series called ‘Summer Time’ with Fonsi Nieto. Lenell Brown’s original and innovative video series is unprecedented in the Dance music industry as the joint endeavour alongside Produer & Director Gonzalo Suàrez Romero, who is tasked

After the successful launch of Lenell Brown’s first video in the ‘Bring It To Life’ series kicking off with the visualised release of ‘Love You Down’, he is now returning with a brand-new video launch of his next release ‘Last Night’ with