DJ and Producer JonJo Drake’s rise to prominence in the Techno music industry has been nothing short of excellent since the start of his career, built from the backbone of his passion for heavy beats and dark driving percussion to

Subduxtion has been making a name for himself as a reliable Producer of some of the best up and coming electronic music in the business. Operating out of Kansas City, Missouri – he’s gone well beyond regional borders with his

German born DJ Manuel Bayer returns to the scene through the introduction of his brand-new release Hibiscus –and it’s certainly not one to be missed. Inspired by the overriding sense of loneliness felt by everyone this year, Bayer has taken

In a recent display of aptitude and originality, Eights Everywhere have teamed up with the imprint ‘Modarnity’ to produce a propelling EP ‘Horace’, made up of 2 Techno anthems disparate in character but equal in sustenance to bring about a

DJ Ralph has just released ‘Crusher Punch’, another outstanding release on the Techno industry’s fastest-growing label, Lakota Music. Ever since DJ Ralph came to fruition on the scene in the early ’90s, he has garnered huge amounts of success that

Mexican Techno trailblazer Lorely Mur is back with her brand-new release ‘Acid Kisses’, including a hard-hitting remix from Mon.Ton. Lorely’s the latest resident of the Hardpop Club, which stands to be a popular Mexican venue where she has garnered support from some huge

With an esteemed reputation in the art of music production since 1988, Tech and House addicted Sam Junk returns to the scene with his new release Toxa. Following an impressive past in the industry with massive club hits being played globally and previous chart hits reaching a whopping 25,000 records being sold, he is

Toma Hawk is back this month with a plethora of sensational radio shows full of the very best Techno tunes around. With a history drenched in dance music and Techno, he has developed quite the reputation for his radio show ‘Lakota Radio’, where he delves deep into the

Refusing to show any sign of relinquishment the new year, Herbrido is pushing out his brand-new releases ‘Moving Faces’ and ‘Raging Lights’. Considering he is rather new to the scene, Herbrido has encountered repeated success in a short period from

Jay X is back with a brand new 3-track EP titled ‘Brain Disorder’ that is guaranteed to provide you with all the Techno goodness you need to get you through. The first track on the EP is called 303 Bass