UK producer Third Floor, aka Aaron Bannie is back for a brand new EP titled ‘Almost Whole’ featuring 4 tracks including his hit tune ‘Lying Eyes’ featuring Ryan Konline. All 4 songs are beautifully produced and can only be described as silky slow

DJ Phonon is back with a cheery House infused Pop track titled ‘Nobody’. The track starts off slow with bright, sustained chords before kick into to the main groove of the song and giving off a slight tropical summer vibe. What

House music experts Pierre Reynolds and Bruce Bailey have come together to create an absolute masterpiece of an EP titled ‘DC to Detroit’ as a nod to their hometowns. The EP consists of two stunning pieces called ‘JamHouse’ and ‘Sing’.

TREVY – The Night

Colombian rising star, Trevy’s latest track ‘The Night’ is slightly darker than his previous releases with the use of contrasting, harmonic vocals and an insanely catchy bass line Trevy has truly outdone himself with this House banger. The track builds and

Lenell Brown and Fonsi Nieto have joined forces on not one, but two huge tracks for Fonsi’s new album ‘Ten’. The first of the two is titled ‘C’mon’, this song has Lenell’s vocals at the forefront with very catchy lyrics

Mert Butuner and 3LACKJACK have created a massive bootleg of Far East Movement’s iconic 2010 anthem ‘Like A G6’. The duo has put their own spin on this track by giving it a Deep House makeover with a funky bass

Pierre Reynolds has returned for the release of his latest track ‘Jazzfrican’. Known for his signature style of creating musical cocktails, this release is no exception. The beat starts slow, gradually bringing each piece of instrumentation in bit by bit

Inès Hugo and Alex Alexander have come together to create a chilled and upbeat Deep House tune ‘Summerbreeze’. The musicality of this track is stunning as it consists of complex electric guitar riffs and melodies and toe-tapping percussion, the song

Colombian rising star, Trevy has taken on a remix of Dean Lewis’s triple platinum acoustic hit ‘Be Alright’ and has transformed it into a funky Future House tune. Trevy has stuck to what he knows best for this track and has

Patrik Remann and Ronnie Hagstedt met back in 1993, 15 years later they reunited and The Lab Wizard was born. Originally from Sweden, the duo have had huge success in the Scandinavian dance charts with several releases reaching top 3 positions. The