Behind the scenes of ‘Thunder’ with Jacob Colon
16th September 2020

Behind the scenes of ‘Thunder’ with Jacob Colon

Jacob Colon has been showcasing his talents with recent releases such as ‘Poetic Justice’ and ‘Bliss’ along with ‘I Want My House Music’ on Crystal Waters’ I Am House Music Records. He is back with a brand new Afro House tune called Thunder that has been widely received across the scene so we caught up with Jacob to find out more about the release.


Talk us through the inspiration behind ‘Thunder’?

As usual, I always spend some time on my drums first to build the foundation and rhythm of the song. There was no direct inspiration behind this track, except I always try to bring something new. The breakdown is pretty cool as I used some middle eastern type sounds while keeping a mysterious kind of vibe.


What were your goals going into the track?

Create something original and never heard of.


Can we hear any of your influences within the track?

Yes, I used a lot of Afro drum elements when creating the overall drum loop.


What is your favourite part of ‘Thunder’?

When the initial kick and bass drops. The groove is very heavy and I can imagine hearing it in the clubs.


How has the initial reaction been?

Thus far, I’ve received the fire emojis a ton of times through text. I guess I’m on the right track 🙂


What’s it like to run your own imprint?

Like everything that’s worth it, it never comes easy. I’ve enjoyed the challenge and have learned more than I’ve would have if I didn’t start it up.


How would you say your sound has changed over the last couple of months?

I learned some cool bass tricks that I’ve been practising in my most recent productions. Although I don’t have an anticipated release date on these songs, I’ll give some exclusive listen to it on my Made to Move Radio show.


Tell us more about your new radio show?

So far the overall startup has been great. We’ve been able to get the show into other stations around the world, including Italy, Belgium, Germany, Argentina, my hometown NY, Netherlands, and others. I’m talking with some friends and setting up a few guests to come to play a few shows. I couldn’t be happier about it.


Finally, what’s next for Jacob Colon?

With COVID still keeping us in, I’ve had some time to put together ideas for a few collaborations. I haven’t collaborated as much in the past with producers, so this is definitely going to bring out some dope projects.


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