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The Enveloper is back after the success of his previous release ‘Wicked’ with a brand new two track EP called ‘Join Our Crew & Hell’. With yet another release on Toma Hawk’s up-and-coming record label Lakota Music, ‘Join Our Crew’

Jacob Colon is back for a brand-new release titled ‘Magic or Mystery’. This time, the New York House sensation is joined by the exceptionally talented Jeff Stephan on vocals. ‘Magic or Mystery’ harnesses a funky house beat intro whilst progressively

House music aficionado Jacob Colon is back with a brand-new release titled ‘Off The Boat’. Kicking things off with jungle-style beats, you can instantly feel that ‘Off The Boat’ has an infectious groove to it that just makes you want

If you want to keep up with the very latest in the underground House and Tech House scene and hear some curated selections mixed to perfection, then check out Naizon’s Naiz:On Air radio show. A project that has emerged from

As we head into the final month of what’s felt like to longest year ever, you can now look back over November’s hottest Techno releases with Toma Hawk’s Lakota Radio. Having solidified himself as a staple within the Techno scene,

If you’re still missing your House fix, then Jacob Colon is here to help with his ever-growing weekly radio show ‘Made To Move’. Established during lockdown, Jacob has been curating and mixing his favourite releases from across the House scene,

DJ Ralph’s ‘Unlockdown’ is the newest release from the French powerhouse to be released on Toma Hawk’s label Lakota Music. Setting the vibe from the get-go, ‘Unlockdown’ features racing beats and an all-consuming collection of percussion. The use of industrial

Returning to the floor with a real cracker of a track, RMA’s newest release ‘Ride Together’ harnesses a dark and gloomy atmosphere with a gripping tension throughout. Showing off his skills as an exceptional EDM artist, RMA uses pushing baselines,

Jonjo Drake’s certainly means business with his latest release ‘Integral Design’. Kicking things off with pulse-raising beats that steadily build up with intensity, Jonjo teases the senses with elongated chords that ring in your ears before introducing tribalistic percussion that

ALWZ SNNY is back with a brand-new single that is bound to dominate the dance scene titled ‘Wasted’. Bright synths fill the background as a clap-like percussion and harmonious melody line gets the momentum going. All of a sudden you